Happy Halloween!

Early this morning two of my co-workers came by my desk and exclaimed, "Trick or treat!"

I cannot even fathom what made them think I of all people would be able to satisfy their demands.

It's not like I have all of the following items in my bottom right hand-drawer at all times and that it just happens to be perfect for work Trick or Treaters ...

Not gonna lie, I actually have been feeling like I was a little low on goodies.

But this made me reconsider.

P.s. My roommates and I will be handing out goodies to people of all ages tonight at our house, as long as you are dressed up as something other than yourself. :) Feel free to drop by {let me know if you need my address}!

P.s. Don't count on us anytime before 7:00pm though. :)


Pumpkin Walk

Here in Cache Valley we have an adorable little Halloween tradition called the Pumpkin Walk. It is where different groups, organizations, schools, etc. turn pumpkins, gourds and squash into fun and creative scenes.

My roommates headed out last week {the day before the weather turned totally frigid!} and had a maaarvelous time.

Some of my favorite scenes displays:


Then three from A Christmas Story ...

Ralphie getting his mouth cleaned out with a bar of soap.Yum!

Ralphie in his Christmas pajamas!

Ralphie with the leg light. :)

There was also an Angry Birds display.

And the Nightmare before Christmas.

Needlessly to say, I particularly liked the USU football display.

The orange jerseys said, "Mustangs" which is the mascot of a local high school. The joke was that USU playing a high school team would be the only way the score would be 24-0. ;)

This next scene is from Zombies vs. Plants ... err something?

I just really like the zombies.

Besides the scenes, the walkway of the Pumpkin walk is outlined with carved pumpkins. The people in charge of the Pumpkin Walk asked our ward to carve some this year.

This was mine.


This was mine. :)

JK. I didn't even attend that Home Evening activity. :)

At the end of the Pumpkin Walk there are those board thingies to stick your head into to take photos. My roommates and I obliged to the Pumpkin Walk spirit and took photos in them.

Which do you like best? :)

Claire, Stabs, Mindy

YODA! P.s. I have never seen any of these movies.

Claire, of course, was Harry Potter. Would now be the appropriate time to tell you I have never read the Harry Potter books nor seen the Harry Potter movies?

I did, however, read some Clifford books as a youngster.

And I have seen The Little Mermaid. :) I think Jillian makes a fantastic Ariel. Doesn't it make you want to be part of her world? ;)

Word to the Pumpkin Walk.

And word to your mother. Peace out, Boy Scouts.


Halloween it up!

I am a little bit overwhelmed with the Halloweeness in my life.


I am a little overwhelmed with wondering how I can blog about all the Halloweeness in my life.

But here goes nothing.

I work for a fabulous company. Have I ever mentioned that before?

I love my clients. I love my co-workers. And I love the things we do to help celebrate life and have fun!

We celebrated Halloween a couple days early.

With a carnival.

A dance!

A cupcake contest!

AND a pie eating contest!

As tradition goes, I judge the cupcakes {by appearance and taste}. I think it's because we all know I would never be capable of entering the contest. :) It's a tough job, but someone has got to do it. 

Some of my co-workers are pretty dern creative!

Witch's Brew


Adorable Owls

Creepy Beetles

And best of show ...


I had to taste-test about 13 different cupcakes. Needless to say, I am done with a cupcakes for a little bit. :)

My co-workers also are creative with their costumes.

Mindy, the 50's poodle skirt girl with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Raphael. And then with a flapper. :)

I love Lucy, a 4th quarter USU football player zombie and a witch. :)

The next one needs a little explanation.

A behavioral strategy I have developed for some of our clients involves what we call "emotion cards". We use these cards to discuss what is appropriate to do when feeling a certain emotion and what isn't. For example, when feeling upset it is appropriate to ask for a break, but it is never appropriate to hit someone.

These three decided to dress up as my emotion cards. :)

Unexpected, Frustrated and Mean.

Notice the eyebrows they drew on themselves and how they match the eyebrows on the emotion card. :) Love.it.

Then came the highlight of the day.

I had signed up for the pie eating contest, just to beat one co-worker in particular. I did not care if I came in second to last, as long as I beat said co-worker. 

I had never been in any kind of eating contest before {shocking, I know}. So imagine my surprise when I made the finals!

And then, NBD ...

I won it all.

And with the title came 20 dollah.

How perfectly, wonderfully surprising. :)

P.s. My day ended with the first Aggie basketball game of the season!

It was such a wonderful day.
{I only wish I could have taken photos of my clients and shared them.}

 And I still have lots of Halloweeness blogging to go! 

It shall be coming soon, so please contain your excitement.

What are YOU dressing up as for Halloween?


How to ...

successfully glitterfy your entire life!

Instead of carving pumpkins, my roommates and I decided to glitterfy pumpkins.

And in the process, glitterfied our entire lives.

Glitter glistens on our living room floor and sparkles its way up our stairs.

Glitter twinkles in our kitchen and on the bottoms of most of our shoes while it trails into our bedrooms.

And shimmers off with any visitor that drops by.

It all began when the glitter was safely in these bottles.

With some pumpkins, gourds, glue and paint brushes!

We thought if the glitterification happened outside, it would stay outside.

Oh, how young, foolish and naive we are were!

Naturally, I had to use the pink glitter.

And yes, I am wearing bright red pantelones. Thanks for noticing. :)

Glitter here. Glitter there.

Glitter everywhere


I also made a white glitterfied pumpkin.

So I could do this with it ...

P.s. With the red pantelones and the polka-dot top, I was told by multiple people that I looked like Minnie Mouse. And it isn't even Halloween yet!

We adorned our porch with the glittered pumpkins.

And as previously mentioned, apparently our entire lives too. 

And since I loooove anything that sparkles, I am totally okay with that.

I think I have found a new Halloween tradition.

What are yours? :)


I avoid Pinterest ...

Like the plague.

It makes me feel like a failure at so many things - at life in general. Because I simply cannot do those things. I do not take fancy photography. I do not make DIY projects {in fact, Kat had to teach me mere months ago what DIY even meant!}. I don't really bake or cook. I don't truly decorate my home.  I mean, if I can purchase something - why on this green earth would I make it??

Does that make me a brat?


Considering all the above, it's no wonder I plan church activities like canoeing and water kickball. It's just more my forte.

So imagine my surprise when the adorable RS meeting {read as enrichment} committee came up with a crafting activity for October's meetin'.


{P.s. I hope Claire doesn't read this blog. Because I told my roommates I would do 10 push-ups anytime I say, type, or text that word. It's a dirty habit. I am trying to stop ... but clearly not trying too hard at this point.}

I have had my current calling three separate times ... and I think this is THEE first crafting activity I have ever been part of.


But not only were they going to be a-craftin' - they wanted themed refreshments as well!
Melissa and Summer were in charge of the punch.

To be adorned with creepy ice cube hands.

It's really unfortunate when you accidentally break some of the fingers off and the creepy ice cube hand ends up flipping you off.

One perk though, having ice cube fingers floating in the punch.

Em and Amanda were in charge of making the pudding for the graveyard pudding cups!

And believe it or not, I had a task too!

I made the headstones for the graveyard pudding cups.

I think it is because the cookies were already made and they knew I knew how to spell RIP.

The craft {P.s. I feel like I am swearing when I think/type that word} were making Halloween lanterns out of jars, tissue paper and modge podge.

Jessie and Sara were in charge of making homemade modge podge.

Some of the gals were uber creative.

And I?

I somehow talked someone else into making one for me. :)

And I like it.  A lot.

I figure I can handle a lot more crafting activities if someone else makes the craft for me. :) Which, instead of being a DIY {Do It Yourself} it is now a HSEDIFY {Have Someone Else Do It For You}. Which is a very, very beautiful thing. :)

Happy October, peeps!
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