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Jump into Summer Challenge # 15 - Rent a watercraft at the USU ORP


For my church calling I have get to plan monthly {ish} activities for my Relief Society girlies. As previously mentioned, these activities stress.me.out!

All I knew with this activity was that with 120 new girls in the ward, I wanted our first activity to be stellar. I wanted them to think, "Wow, this ward does fun things!" Which eliminates any activity with casseroles, quilting, recipes, getting to know you games or anything syruplishly sweet.

And I don't know if it was because of this looming challenge or not, but canoeing eventually came to mind. Canoeing and a bonfire.

I envisioned myself attending a church for the first time ever and having them announce, "We are going to canoeing and going to start things on fire! You should come!" and responding with a resounding, "YES! I will come!"

And then it was settled.

Killing two birds with one stone.

Relief Society activity. Final summer challenge.

Done. And done.

My biggest concern was getting the canoes on the cars and actually getting them to stay on.

The ORP people cannot assist you due to liability issues.

But I think they had pity on us.

The ORP workers asked us where we were going. I told them Second Dam. He asked, "What are you going to do there?"

"Uh ... canoe?"

I didn't think he understood that I had some girls who were actually afraid to get into the canoes, so if paddling around in a pond is what it takes, I am fine with that.

Three canoes loaded up {we actually had four though, God bless JaredHonda}.

Wilson has never been more proud to be a SUV. It is the most SUVish thing he has ever done.

It was a slow and cautious drive up the canyon. :)

But we got there.

I even started the bonfire.

Pyro much?

And we cooked things like s'mores and hot dogos*.

This was our view.

And here are the canoes out and about!

We focused a lot on safety. Stay away from the dam. Don't get beached. Only three people per canoe. Life jackets a must. Plus, they make for cute canoeing photos.

This is Summer. How fitting for her to be in one of my Summer Challenge posts. :) She is one of my counselors. I adore her. 

AND! Here I am actually accomplishing the last task on my challenge!

We tried to get a photo of all the girls.


The girls who really put it all together.

Sarah, Summer and Emilee. Love.them. Love them somethin' fierce.

And I would totally be amiss if I didn't give a shout-out to JaredHonda {I say his name like it is one word}.

He helped us load the canoes, unload, kept the fire going, helped the gals get in and out of the canoes - everything! He was with us from 4:30pm to 9:00pm. He even came back the following day to help us return the canoes to the ORP!!


Literally though. He was the only one tall enough to help me put a canoe on Wilson. :)

And with that, folks - I am done!

And what a wonderful summer it was!

Now what? OH! I will post about skydiving - soon!
The Breakdown
Canoe Rental: $15 for a full day/24 hours {if you are a USU student you get $20 free from your student ID card}

 *Name that movie!


Shan said...

I am quite jealous of your summer fun! Way to go. Wish I knew the name of that movie.

Meg said...

Not being a water person myself, I'm all for the safety stuff. :) That is a beautiful spot, though. I haven't been there forever.

Allred Mom said...

May I mention here, that I also have a white Ford Escape....just mine doesn't have Aggie plates!

Bailey Family said...

You have had such a fun summer! The water trip looked like a blast! Also love your carnival pictures. Looks like blogger is working okay for you... hope it speeds up for ya! I wish that you were also enjoying the new interface. Thanks for your funny comments, you always bring a smile to my face. When your husband finds you he is going to laugh all day with your funny sense of humor :)

Erica said...

You are so cool, Mindy, and way to make your Relief Society cool too! Looks fun.

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