Roughin' It Easy

Jump into Summer Challenge #13  - Camp out underneath the stars


If I must.

But I definitely took the title of this challenge to heart. I had to make sure it wasn't too rough.

So I opted to camp out ... in my backyard.

But don't worry, we made sure to do all the legit things you are supposed to do on camp outs.

Liiiike ...

scaring away the mountain lions.

Oh, this is me in glasses. Weird, right?  But at least there are no mountain lions.

We also star-gazed. And this what we saw.

We used the Google Sky Map applications on our phones to help point out the constellations, etc. Yes, we all have the same phone. And this is how you use the app.

Then we I told ghost stories!

I read a horrific story called Bloodstain. It was about a bloodstain that mysteriously showed up.

We also roasted marshmallows ...

over scented candles. P.s. Horrible idea.

And then, believe it or not ...

a bloodstain mysteriously showed up on my toe! A little creepy, no?

Because I was bloodened and because roasting marshmallows on scented candles was straight up disgusting we took "roughin' it easy" to an even easier level.

Going inside.

The s'mores were quite messy.

I put mine between a Keebler Jumbo Fudge Peanut Butter Stick! It was delish.

I also nursed the toe back to health.

And that adorable band aide almost made the injury and the eerie resemblance of the ghost story worth it.
And don't worry, afterwards we headed back outside.

Where following this photograph my BFF, Tylenol PM kicked in and I was out. For at least 30 minutes.
After waking up six or seven times at 5:30am I finally called it quits and headed back inside.
I really roughed it easy. With major emphasis on easy. Best way to do it, no?

The Breakdown
Campsite Reservation: Free {in Logan Canyon to reserve a spot it is anywhere from free to 34 dollah}
Other $$ items: FOOD! Whatever you decide to bring!


Lisa said...

Oh Mindy dear...what a treat you truly are! I am loving all of these summer adventures you are posting!

Shan said...

Wish I had a backyard to do that in!

Meg said...

I'd say that's definitely the best way to go camping!

Melissa said...

This is fabulous! One of the first things we did when we bought our house was put a firepit in the backyard so we could roast marshmallows whenever we wanted. I've never thought about scaring away mountain lions before we do it though, but I think I will from now on because you look SO cute doing it!

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