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Jump into Summer Challenge #11 - Hang out with the Summer Senior Citizens

This was the challenge I was probably dreading the most. I mean, how was I going to accomplish this?

Part of my problem is I kinda put this one on the back burner. And then one day I realized that they aren't called summer senior citizens for nothin'. They only live in Utah during the summer and then they leave. And they were leaving in four days!

I recalled in my Oakridge days that the senior citizens would chill in a shaded area by building #25 at 4:30pm every afternoon and just chat.

The second problem was I knew it would be awkward - how would I explain why I was randomly showing up? "Hi, old people! I am using you to check an item off my list!"?

Would they even want a "youngin" around?

Regardless of my hesitation, I had to go. After all, it was on the list. And this was my last chance!

I collected Jillian Jiggs and with much encouragement from her, "Come on, Mindy. They hate heat like you. They love air conditioning like you. And they get discounts on food. How can this go badly?" showed up to the shaded area by building #25.

We asked if we could chill with them and they were so warm and welcoming! They immediately started asking us questions about ourselves and were inviting us over to dinner! I kid you not, we had been there less than five minutes before they were calling dibs on whose apartment we'd go to for dinner!

Needlessly to say, they had won me over quite quickly.

We talked about their lives in Arizona and Texas {where the majority of them were from}. We talked about their hikes in Logan. Their grandkids. Their amazing vacays to Europe. They gave me traveling advice. They invited us to return.


Next summer, I really want to have one afternoon set aside weekly to go sit in the shade by building #25 and join them on a regular basis ... Because if I do, I might start to feel okay about accepting their invitations to dinner. ;)

P.s. I didn't tell them about my checklist. So this picture was taken after we walked away. They are in the background. In the shaded area. By building #25. ;)

Farewell for now, Summer Senior Citizens. I will see you next summer. :)

The Breakdown
Totally free! You can even take classes through USU with the Summer Senior Citizens for a small fee {under 30 dollah I believe}.


Shan said...

Love it! Sounds like a fun idea.

Avree said...

Haha nice Mindy. When I was in high school we used to go talk to old people at Taco Time. There are always old people at Taco Time.

Meg said...

Most of the older people I know really enjoy having younger people around. It probably gives them a chance to converse about something new. You should go back next summer.

Adam & Brooke said...

Love this. Also lovin the scarf. It's making me pretty jealous.

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