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Jump into Summer Challenge #5 - Cool off in a hurry in Minnetonka Cave

This challenge was going to be the most tricky.

You cannot get tickets in advance. You have to drive the 90 minutes and just hope you will be able to get in. It didn't help either that I waited until two days before Labor Day {the day it closes} before I attempted to make it there.

The day I did try to make it was probably not the best idea either. I had to make the first tour {at 10:00} or I wouldn't make it to a weddin' in Bountiful at 3:00pm.

And true to my luck, we were two people over the limit of making it into the 10:00 am tour, even though there were only six people in front of. One of those six people had a group of 27 flippin' people.


We somehow managed to make our way down to the cave, which something leads me to believe that we weren't supposed to go without our tour and tour guide.

But there was nothing from stopping us ... like a person. Or a gate. Or a chain. Not even a sign.

As we waited around for a bit we noticed a tour coming ... And since it was 10 o'clock we assumed it was the 10:30 tour, because that makes complete logical sense, right? At least it did to us.

Sooooo, we joined it. Secretly. Shh!

I didn't get too many pictures in the cave ... as we tried to not draw too much attention to ourselves -just in case we "accidentally" had joined the 10 o'clock tour, instead of our assigned 10:30 one. Not that we did. And not that there was any apparent reason to believe we did. But just in case.

Just a few of the 896 stairs we had to go up.

Here are some of the stalagmites or stalactites - errr ... hanging stone formations. ;)

Who can find the earthquake vault?

It moved several inches the previous week in an earthquake. NBD. We totally felt safe ... right?

We clearly don't look too concerned.

After the cave we made a quick stop in Garden City at LaBeau's and then rushed our patooties home so I could make it to Bountiful for a weddin'.

As soon as this task was complete, I knew I'd finish this challenge as this was the only one in question due to its complications. Three challenges to go after the completion of the cave, but many more to post about, I am afraid. ;)

The Breakdown
Entrance Fee: 7 dollah for adults {cheaper for kiddos}
Other $$ Items: gas to get up there, possibly $ for lunch if you don't bring your own
Cave is open to the public from Memorial Day-ish to Labor Day-ish.


Shan said...

Where is said cave?

Meg said...

Looks interesting.

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