Mountain Time

Jump into Summer Challenge # 10 - Take a hike!

While I know how to hike, I clearly don't know how to stand while taking a photograph while hiking.

Clairence and I went for a little jaunt up in the mountains just northwest of Bear Lake this past weekend.

Isn't she just adorable?

And aren't the colors of our hoodies just perfect together too?

 But back to the hike.

The views were fantastical.

It was quite a strenuous hike.

Okay, that is a lie.

But you would think it was by a) the faces we were pulling and b) the number benches we found on the trail.

We took advantage of the benches to complete another challenge I am involved in.

Which I will go into more detail about a later date and time {contain your excitement, please}. I cannot be confusing you with all of the challenges I am currently taking part of. But these pictures give you an excellent idea.

I am trying to touch my toes. Yes, I am that inflexible.

I would write more about this fabulous hike. But I don't have any more photos. And, I am leaving to go skydiving ... For Clairence's 21st birthday {which is today!}. And after skydiving I am taking her to the White Owl. ;)

Wish me luck - skydiving and at the White Owl. ;)

The Breakdown


Erica said...

Skydiving! Can't wait to hear about it. Beautiful mountains, and I laughed about the # of benches. Pretty funny.

Shan said...

I'm waiting with unabated anticipation to hear about your other challenge.

Meg said...

I bet I'm less flexible than you. :)

Just what were you doing at the White Owl? :)

Lil said...

I can't touch my toes either! I really need to work on it...one day, maybe...

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