How I was swindled out of 50 dollah in two hours ...

An adorable little blond girl showed up at my front porch yesterday afternoon {as I was frantically trying to put the final touches on a Relief Society training I was in charge of later that night}.

As soon as I saw her, I knew she wanted money from me {1. Why else would a kid show up at my door? And 2. I'd recognize those large white envelopes a mile away!}. For a split moment I thought, "I don't want to buy anything." But quickly realizing I really, really don't know how to say no to adorable little children. I figured, "What the heck?" 15 dollah is 15 dollah and it wouldn't break the bank to help make this girl's day.

I bought what is called a Liberty card, kinda popular in these parts. The middle school and high school kiddies sell the babies to community members, the money the raised goes to the school, the kiddies get prizes based on how much they raise and as a community member - I get silly little discounts at participating stores. Liiiike, a free drink at Taco Time when I purchase two tacos or something like that.

I watched her skip off {literally} and continued about my frantic preparation.

 Enter phone call. From Nephew 2 {who is nine-years of perfect kissable goodness and the most amazing fuzzy hair in the world}. "Hi, Min. We are doing a walkathon at my school. Have you ever heard of a walkathon?"

I informed him I did.

He asked me if I wanted to pledge monies for each lap he did.


I had immediate flashbacks of Michael G. Scott from The Office donating $25 dollars to a charity for Oscar's nephew. Little did Michael Scott know he was donating 25 dollah per mile that the little tike walked. And the previous year, the kid walked 14!!

I began asking questions like, "How many laps do you think you will do?" "How far is a lap?" "Are you sure it's that far?"

And not feeling too confident in the responses I was getting, I said I would just give 20 dollah regardless of how many laps he did.

He thanked me for being the best aunt in the world {I may or may not have just added in the "best aunt in the world" part}.

And I continued on my frantic preparation.

About two hours later I see an incoming phone call from Nephew 1.

"Uhm, Min ... we are selling these things at my school called Liberty cards. I was wondering if you wanted to buy one."


I doubted the use I'd get out of the first Liberty card I had purchased just hours before. There would clearly be no use of a second. But how on this green earth can I say yes to a complete stranger {even if she was adorable and skipping} and say no to my absolute, most favorite 11-year-old on the planet??

I could not.

So, as of today, I am going to the proud owner of two Liberty cards and have pledged 20 dollah for a fourth-grader to walk some laps at his school.


Fastest way, when not at H&M or shopping online at Forever21 that I have lost 50 dollah.

Anyone need a free drink at Taco Time ???


Mike said...

A week or so ago two little girls knocked on my door and conned me into buying $14 cookie dough. Last night, a group of about 6 kids (seriously, 6!) showed up at my door also selling cookie dough. I had to put my foot down. Also, this might sound bad, but it was easier to say no to them because they were in a big group, pushier, and not as cute. :-)

Nikki said...

CUTE!!! haha...the best $50 you'll ever spend...
well maybe not...but those kids will be happy.

Erica said...

You are such a great aunt!

So, how did you Relief Society training go?

You could always throw your extra Liberty Card into your next wedding/baby shower/birthday or whatever gift.

Allred Mom said...

Well....you now have a gift for someone, right? And, you made 3 young people happy! Worth the cost! Besides, what a great auntie your nephews have!

Shan said...

That's awesome! You could use it as a wedding gift. :)

Meg said...

I live far enough away from my nieces and nephews that I don't generally get asked to buy/donate whatever they happen to be doing for fundraisers. I guess that's one plus of living at a distance?

Mostly we just get teenagers/college students showing up at our door selling magazine subscriptions. I'm really good at telling them no.

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