Jump into Summer Challenge #1 - Take a drive to the "Caribbean waters of the Rockies" errr ... Bear Lake

Before venturing to the lake, my roommates informed me that I had to purchase a sunbathing floaty. They had  just purchased some at Walmart for five dollah just to chill on the Caribbean waters the week before. And clearly, I needed to fit in.

So I headed over to the mart of the Wal to find said adult sunbathing floaty. Much to my dismay they were sold out of the sunbathing floaties. However, I saw a pink tube and figured it would do the trick as well.

Little did I know at the time that I was purchasing a child's tube.

Shaped like a flower.

Upon blowing it up {which, the perk of buying a child's tube it only takes 37 seconds to blow up} I questioned if my bottom could even fit in or on it.

P.s. Has anyone mentioned to you lately that water at Bear Lake is insanely high this year? We had to trek through trees in the lake to get to a spot we could actually float in.

Clairence & Jillian
But back to the adorable pink, flower-shaped, child's tube ... I could sit on it. But just not breath while sitting on it. Or I would tip over. I had to try alternative methods of floating on it.

They chilled on their adult sunbathing floaties.

I pretended to be a fish.

We attempted {unsuccessfully} to get a photo of all three of us floating.

We tried to do fun designs in the water {while the waves moved us about}.

Water stars anyone? Almost like gold stars, no?

And then it was time to try out the underwater camera.

Jillian didn't want to play the underwater game. Welllll, she took the pictures for us. But stayed above water.

This is Claire kinda above water. This is also Claire as a happy camper.

Until she got back onto her adult sunbathing floaty only to realize it was sinking.

Suddenly, my child tube was lookin' pretty good.

 And I was still a happy camper.

 After an hour or two on the lake we hopped out and headed to Raspeberry days, where I purchased peacock earrings and the most adorable necklace {it was a skeleton with a skirt and a FLOWER on it's head!}. I cannot wait to wear it!

And if that wasn't all fantastic enough - I didn't even get sunburned! Naturally, tanning wasn't even an option. So, I repeat: I didn't even get sunburned!

It was a good day. A very, very good day.

Thank you, CV Periodical. :)

The  Breakdown
Entrance Fee: FREE {we just pulled over to the side of the road}
Other $$ items: Gas to get to the lake, $$ for food if you don't bring your own lunch/dinner, if during Raspberry Days you will want $$ for the booths!


Whitney B. said...

I am super impressed with all your fun summer activities you should get paid for all your reviews of the different events. The pictures alone are priceless! I love your floaty, and have bought the children ones many times by accident. The packaging can be quite deceiving!

Shan said...

I'm so jealous of anyone who went to the lake this year. I wanted to go to one. Any one.

Linze Kate said...

First, I have not commented on an entry in FOREVER. All the same, I want you to know I regularly blog-stalk you.
Second, I am in love with the "finger star" picture - haha! Classic.
Third, yes please! Tell me how to find music from this prophetic group... I kinda love them.
Hope things are GREAT all around, girl!

Lissa Chandler said...

you are so cute. i think that i may have to make myself a fall challenge just to copy your enthusiasm

Meg said...

There is way too much water involved in this post for it to look fun to me. But I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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