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Jump into Summer Challenge #9 - Enjoy a game of golf

I couldn't be bothered actually playing real golf.

So I went mini-golfing instead.

Real golf.

Miniature golf.

The night started out pretty well when I realized there were multi-colored golf balls.

And I got to choose which color I wanted.

I betcha can't guess which one I picked out ...

It was the only pink one in the bunch. And it had just been returned to the basket when I got there.

P.s. I am writing this post in a British accent.

Because we spoke in British accents the entire time.

Don't I look so prim and proper?

Like I could be playing golf in ... Great Britain? Somehow the striped cardigan and scarf makes me feel that it is even more British.
As if I know what they do in Great Britain.


Sometimes your ball just doesn't want to go into the hole.

So you have to help it out a little bit.

Did I mention that I went with all of these lovelies?

Jillian, Mindy, Clairence & Stabi
I suppose if I was really British I would refer to these lovelies as my flatmates.

Amongst us flatmates, Clairence and I both hit a hole in one!

And this is a little off topic, but sometimes it is so difficult to follow the rules.

At least it wasn't using a turnabout on the freeway illegally though, right?

Also, it never would have crossed my mind to play in the ropes had that not been there.

Thanks for the idea, Willows Golf Park.

After 18 holes we added up the scores. Clairence came in fourth. Jillian Jiggs in third.

And Stabi and I waited in much anticipation {much like contestants in most beauty pageants} to find out who took home the gold {and a free game of mini-golf in the future}.

And by viewing this next picture, I am going to let you guess who won. :)

I wish I could tell you that response was staged and posed ... I wish.

Oh, hey! Did I mention that Jillian Jiggs can do the splits?

Because she can.

And with that, I bid the farewell.

Cheerio. :)

The Breakdown
Willows Golf Park
One game of mini-golf: 5 dollah {we got a two for one deal by texting a number provided at the cashier}. Winner also gets a free game for the next time they come back!


Meg said...

My favorite picture is you waiting in anticipation. :)

Jan Fisher Clark said...

will you dress me please...for the next year of my life, preferably. yOu're always rocking those outfits! Oh and tell Staci hello.

Love you both!

Toni said...

Lol! Good times. I miss mini golf. And all of you. With the exception of clairence, whom I have not in fact met... anyways...

Katie said...

I love your cardigan and scarf! And your swimsuit is super cute in the post above :)

cami said...

You are having way too much fun. I love your pink sweater.. can I borrow it? k, thanks.

Shan said...

Man, can I come live with you? My husband is boring and does school and calling stuff. You seem like more fun. :)

Melissa said...

So, as a pregnant woman I have cravings for food. That is normal. Lately I have been having cravings to play mini golf. Don't know if that is possible, but just know I am jealous.

Oh, and everyone else already said it, but your outfit is soooo cute. I love your cardigan!

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