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Jump into Summer Challenge #6 - Attend the wildly successful Farmer's Market

Let me just say I loooove the Farmer's Market {it might actually be called the Garden or Gardener's Market, but everyone who is anyone calls it the Farmer's Market - mmk?}. And having said that, it's strange that I think I have been only two times in my life.

You see, it's Saturday morning. And I apparently have a Saturday morning ritual that evidently cannot be interrupted {unless I am going to liiiike the Festival of Colors or Minnetonka Cave}. What is my ritual? Go on a morning run {if the Angry Mr. Achilles is playing nice} and then head over to my parents' house to read the newspaper while eating a piece of toast and drinking chocolate milk.

Thrilling, I know.

So if I learned anything while at the Farmer's Market it was, don't let my thrilling Saturday ritual cancel out so many other Saturday-morning festivities. Yes, I am that lame - and I am not even a senior citizen - yet.

The Farmer's Market takes place at the beautiful Central Park of Logan, Utah.

And just has the most adorable stand, with VEGGIES!


And non-farmer things like flip-flops!

And jewelry - like this pink ring I bought for six dollah - love it!

And owl hats and fresh raspberries and more veggies and flowers!

Plus, did I mention there was like one kjillion free food samples? Because there was.

Needlessly to say, the Farmer's Market also has happy campers!

Because who wouldn't be happy with all this amazing goodness?! 

And I would say I would be going back next week, but that might be a semi-lie because the Top of Utah Marathon takes place Saturday morning and it has always been something I will interrupt my strict Saturday-morning routine for. :)

The Breakdown
Totally and completely FREE!
Other $$ Items: Bring the moola if you want to buy anything from the vendors
Saturday Mornings. Merlin Olsen Park. Summer-early Fall.


Shan said...

Farmer's Markets are awesome!

Meg said...

That is a great Farmer's Market. The one here is more like a craft bazaar.

Melissa said...

I love farmer's markets!!
So, I keep having dreams about you. We meet and hug and talk like we've known each other for years. It's awesome! :)

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