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Jump into Summer Challenge #4 - The Logan Aquatic Center is the place to be on a smoldering day

I actually went to the Logan Aquatic Center twice this summer.

And I actually only have two pictures to show for it.

Because both times I took clients. Once actually during work {tough job, I know}. And once after work when I took a couple of my clients just for fun. Annnd, because I cannot post pictures of clients {frown}, this is what you are left with.

A picture of the Logan Aquatic Center, without my clients in it.

And a photo of some of my favorite people who came along, also sans clients.

And really, that's it.

Curse confidentiality, no?

Favorite thing about the pool is when one of my clients was going down the steep slide and right at the edge before the slide drops, she sat up and grabbed the sides as if she had changed her mind and wanted to back out! I panicked for her - it was too late to back out! But fortunately she was just trying to get an extra push to go down faster. :)

Second favorite thing was all of us lying out on the hot cement after to dry off.

Least favorite thing: the nasty grasshoppers in the dressing room.

It should also be noted that I escaped without a sunburn as well.

Very, very successful day. :)

P.s. First USU home football game tonight. Woot, woot!

The Breakdown
Entrance Fee: Five dollah
Closes for winter after Labor Day. Re-opens Memorial Day.


Shan said...

I hope USU did well.

Meg said...

I didn't know Logan had an aquatic center.

Melissa said...

Your job doesn't sound very fun at all! :) I'm so glad you didn't get a sunburn. Again.

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