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Jump into Summer Challenge #3 - Willow.Park.Zoo.Yo.

It is difficult to take photos at the zoo.

Really difficult to take photos at the zoo.

Too many fences/cages in the way.

At least Claire and I weren't in a cage ...

Have you ever been to the Willow Park Zoo?

If so, you will know they have a lot of ... empty cages.

And a lot of birds. And even more ducks.

With not a whole lots of other things.

The major high points are the monkeys.
I cannot tell you how often they do not come out to play!

The bald eagle.

The creepy bobcat.

And that's about it.

The major fun at the zoo comes from throwing crud at the animals.

We paid 10 cents for the fish/duck/bird food.

And that ran out pretty quickly.

But no fear, Clairence had Cheez Its.

But the ducks didn't understand. They just looked at it completely baffled.

We decided to give the ducks a demonstration on how to eat Cheez Its.

It was unsuccessful.

And then somehow Clairence ended up doing this:

Yes, she did chase the peacock.

And then other than some more birds and more ducks and a snake here and some filthy beasts {read as deer} and some ants, that's all we saw.

Oh, we also saw a couple on a first-date at the zoo. And if I learned anything from the zoo besides the ducks don't like Cheez Its, I learned that the zoo just might not be a fantastic place for a first date. It may be awkward. For you. Your date. And those who have to watch you and your date.

That's all. :)

The Breakdown
 Entrance Fee: FREE!  Although they do accept donations and prefer donations of a couple dollah
Fish Food: 10 cents for one half-handful
Hours: Dawn to dusk


Katie Jane said...

Did you see the pet rocks? They seriously have some pet rocks.

Shan said...

The monkeys used to be my favorite part of that zoo.

Meg said...

I do recall that there wasn't much to see at Willow Park. I haven't been there for so long, I just remember it was mostly birds.

Krystal said...

in all my time living in Logan, I never once visited the zoo... sad, huh?!

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