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Jump into Summer Challenge #12 - Attend the American West Heritage Center for activities fun for all ages

First of all it must be said, my roommates Jillian Jiggs and Clairence are fabulous. They have been absolute troopers accompanying me on most of these challenges, even when some are a little out of the ordinary.

Liiike the Starry Night Tea Party at the American West Heritage Center.

Nevermind that when we got there we found at the actual Tea Party part of the event had been cancelled.

And nevermind that this even was primarily for children.

It didn't stop Clairence and I from enjoying ourselves.

 For those of you not familar with the AWHC, it is a nonprofit organization devoted to celebrating and preserving the heritage of our area. They do this primarily through living history activities, events, school programs, exhibits, and outreach activities. They also rent some of our buildings for weddings, meetings, conferences and other events so that the site can be enjoyed in this way, too. My favorite thing they do here is have cross country races for high school and college events {like the one I spoke about here}. But that is besides the point.

Naturally, I had to put that wooden horse/bull thing to use.
With the tea party cancelled, we weren't quite sure what we were there to do. They gave us these cards and we knew we were supposed to get them punched with different activities.

One activity we found was gold diggin'.

Am I a gold digger? You betcha.

These boys were awesome. They immediately wanted to teach me the secrets of the trade. And it totally paid off. 

 Clairence and I were informed by some "pioneers" to ride the train. Little did we know at the time how little the train was.

But we still fit. And in one seat even.

 Then there was the candle making!

I was supposed to dip that baby about 30 times. We had to walk around a wagon in a circle, giving the wax enough time to cool before we dripped it again. There was a youth conference from Orem, Utah in attendance that night. There was a teenager wearing a BYU hat in their old-school colors {royal blue}. I then gave him a lesson on how BYU stole USU's colors. I kept it real though for the location, mentioning how Utah State had had the navy blue since 1888. I am such a good educator and historian, no?

Claire and I got bored after circling the wagon about 15 times. We we jumped the gun and went to the next activity - creating a lantern for our candles. Out of tin cans.

And a hammer. And nails.

Not gonna lie ... I felt a little gipped. I had a tuna can. I don't even think cans were shaped like that in the 19th century.

And then we were done with the lanterns. We wanted to go on a wagon ride.

And then we thought we should have some pictures with the wild west scenery.

And then without even seeing a star {unless you count the moon} or drinking a sip of tea, we left the Starry Night Tea Party. Buuut, we did hear about the Witches' Tea Party for Halloween {also for children} and we still plan on coming back. We will just need to abduct find some kids to join us so it isn't totally weird that two adults are attending a childrens' tea party, right?

And that's all. :)

The Breakdown
Entrance Fee: $6
Check website for upcoming events and prices.


Shan said...

I've never even heard of that place. Sounds like a fun day!

Meg said...

My brother used to work there. I've been there a lot of times. Now I am feeling nostalgic. They do some really cool things.

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