White Trash

–noun Slang: Disparaging and Offensive .
1. a member of the class of poor whites, especially in the southern U.S.
2. poor whites collectively.

Does that definition surprise you?
It surprises me.
I just asked roommate Jillian Jiggs what she thought the definition of white trash was and she said, "Mindy Thornley."
And while hopefully you doubt it ... It's kinda true.
No, I do not have a couch on my front porch.
And while I am not thrilled about the idea of being white trash, it's hard to fight my case with this on my finger:

{Ignore the hot mess of cords in the background.}

This view might give you a better a idea ...

Yes, that is a home-made splint. Made with athletic tape annnnnd ... a broken popsicle stick. That I made. For myself.
I played a mean game of softball Tuesday night. And somewhere between us being ahead {as always} and then, of course, us losing {as always} ... I came away with a potentially broken finger.
I don't mind breaking my pinky finger. After all, I have already done it twice before {thank you Tiffy and sophomore basketball}.
Not gonna lie though, I was a little disappointed because this was my good pinky finger. The one that hadn't decided to break twice.
But because the other pinky finger doesn't know how to play nice, I know how to handle potential and actual broken pinky fingers. Splint. Tape. Ring finger. And voila. You're golden ... weeeell, not your broken finger. It is purple and baloo {a more fun way to say blue}.
Now, to my defense, I tried to get a more legit splint ... coughcoughatWalmartcoughcough. But they didn't have any. So the broken popsicle stick it was.
And just like that, I became white trash.
But I am okay with it as long as it keeps my pinky in place, which makes it hurt less.
It's strange too because now I am compelled to find a couch.
For my front porch.
And possibly a refrigerator for the driveway.
But at least my finger will heal, right? Regardless if it was at the expense of my social status.
I have so many items from my Summer Challenge to post. I am entirely overwhelmed. That's all.


Avree said...

I think the carpet in the background looks more white trash than your splint. Just sayin.

Mike said...


Shan said...

I think you did a rather fine job splinting your finger (P.S. thanks for your comment today)

Meg said...

I'd call it ingenious. No doctor bills for a homemade splint that is essentially what they would have given you anyway. :) I'm all for a lack of doctor bills.

I'm afraid of what people might label us if they saw our house. Although by comparison we look high class (in our neighborhood).

Debbie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Debbie said...

The fact that you used athletic tape invalidates your claim that this homemade splint makes you white trash. Now, if you had used duct tape.... (Yes, that is the correct term for what many people call 'duck' tape.)

btw, I think this comment is worth at least 500 gold stars. :-)

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