Rainy Day Play

Jump into Summer Challenge #14 - Rainy days do not have to stop the fun - spend a day at the Cache Valley Fun Park!

I found this task to be a little bit redonculous.

Why on this green earth would I go inside to play and "have fun" {remember, if you have to be told you are having fun - are you really having any fun at all?} when I can go outside and play in the rain?

And that is exactly what I did.

I saw the storm clouds a-brewin'.

And it just felt like the perfectly perfect time for a storm.

So when the huge rain drops began to come I turned to roommate Jilly and said, "Let's go out and play in it!"

And we did.

I did some twirls.

And then attempted to find puddles to splash in ...


And lately I have been able to talk Jillian into taking photos with me.


But not really, because skin by nature is meant to keep such elements from the bones and other vital organs, no? And our skin is not defective.

So we were just soaked ... to the skin.

But it was faaabulous.

After I put the camera away {because it does not have water retardant skin} we found more friends to play with.

It was also faaabulous.

So for the next rain storm may I suggest going out and playing and getting soaked to the skin? And you shall have a faaaabulous time as well.

And as far as challenge numero 14 ... Done and done. :)

The Breakdown
Playing in the Rain: FREE!
Check out Cache Valley Fun Park for activities and pricing


Shan said...

I LOVE playing in the rain!!

Mike said...

Thanks to this post, I'm going to start using the word "fanulous."

Meg said...

I LOVE playing in the rain. I haven't done it for a long, long time. :(

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