Perfect Picnicking

Jump into Summer Challenge #8 - Find a great spot for a picnic!

And we did.

On the Brigham City Tabernacle grounds ...

This is my big seeester.

Nephew 1 and Nephew 2 ... Nephew 2 is being a sass-a-frass.

overlooking the beautiful Brigham City Temple ...

It's still under construction if you couldn't tell.
  The mother and Style were there too and brother-in-law, Shteve.

Buuut, I wasn't able to get photos of them. Doh.

But we were all there. And it was fantastical.

Thanks CV Magazine for the idea ... Oh, wait. My mama came up with the idea. It just so happened to be on the list too. :)

The Breakdown
FREE! Except for money spent on your picnicking items!


Lisa said...

Wow...gorgeous photos and those nephews are getting giant! I can't believe that!

Melissa said...

That is a perfect place to have a picnic. We've done that so many times this summer that every time we pass by the tabernacle my boys ask if we're having a picnic today.

And by the way, your outfit is SOOO cute!!

Shan said...

the temple is looking beautiful! What a fun thing to do with the fam.

Meg said...

Fun times. Beautiful place. How exciting that the Temple is coming along so well.

Krystal said...

I need to come up and see the new temple... so so pretty! (and I need to catch up on your blog... right now I just want to die after trying to unpack and set up a new classroom.. but I have not forgotten about you!)

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