Mindy had a little fan ...

Mindy had a little fan,
little fan, little fan,

Mindy had a little fan
whose plastic was white as snow.

And everywhere that Mindy went,
Mindy went, Mindy went,
and everywhere that Mindy went,
the fan was sure to go.

It makes Mindy laugh and play,
laugh and play, laugh and play,
it makes Mindy laugh and play
to be able to be sooo cool.

Cool as in moderately cold, neither warm nor cold but definitely not warm or hot ... as well as cool as in awesome.

P.s. Check out those bangs! I told the hairdresser to cut them "swoopy and so when they are dry they will be right above my eyebrow." Right above? Three inches. Whatev, right? It was fantastic to feel five-years-old again.

That's all.


Susan said...

Um, your shirt is seriously cute! And that's all i have to say!

Avree said...

I'm with Susan, love the shirt! I'm glad you got a fan, congrats! :)

Shan said...

Happy day to have a fan!

Katie said...

I totally felt your pain yesterday. Our A/C went out Saturday night. By Sunday early morning...it was 84 in the house. By 4 PM it was 92. Our house was a sauna!! I also had a fan that was my best friend. Even if it just blew hot air around.

Melissa said...

I know this isn't the same thing, but I have been driving a truck without AC this summer and I am dying! I often think about you when I am trying not to pass out while driving because I can't imagine living in a house as hot as my truck. I feel bad for you. Do you ever just hang out in the frozen section of the grocery store? Sometimes that makes me feel better. :)

Krystal said...

I think you need to read the book "Mary had a Little Lamp".... cracks me up! You would appreciate it I think!

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