And I feel like I always have.

I am not sure there is any other time I am as stressed as when planning an event.

I'd just rather die than do it.

But considering I am at 110% complete peace with death, that's not saying much.

But I digress, as I often times do.

I was kinda in charge of an activity for church this past month {as I often times am} and it about killed me {as it often times does}.

I say kinda because the amasing Elise was the real head-honcho of it and she does a maaarvelous job  always! But I kinda had to ... put my stamp of approval on it.

It was water kickball. Who wouldn't put a stamp of approval on water kickball? Especially for a combined Relief Society/Elders Quorum activity?

I think it stresses me out because I worry incessantly about all that could wrong ... Liiiike what if the faucet I was responsible for finding to fill up the first and third base bucket, the second base pool and the slip n' slide from third to home ended up not working? But that is just an example of what could go wrong.

But if it had gone wrong ...

You would have to relocate last minute ... from Adam's school/park to who in Heaven's name knows where?

Because the relocation could not occur at any church house or accompanying pavilion in Cache Valley. And certainly not at any any park. Water is apparently a hot commodity and locked up everywhere these days!

But after much stress and near self-spontaneous combustion, if this had happened, the fabulous Emilee would find a location ... Probably on the blessed campus of Utah State University.

And the wonderful Sarah Pope would then be left at Adam's park/school to inform the masses of the relocation, had this happened. And speaking of masses, that is the kind of texts that would need to be sent out too to inform everyone of said relocation.

But that would have never happened, right?

This is not us on the blessed campus of Utah State University because the faucet at Adam's park/school was not working ...

Or maybe it is.

Because it wasn't.

Em, Elise & Mindy. I look like Goliath compared to them.

So I had another photo taken so I would look the same size as them. :)
About five minutes after the activity began I realized I may have been stressing a little too much about nothing. It all worked out and we had a maaaarvelous time.

Or at least I did. :)

The adorable pink kickball ... and the kiddie pool which served as second base.
 The biggest hit was the slip n' slide from third to home ...

Speaking of big hits, I am sure shirtless Kevin one was too ...

I scored a 9.8 on that slide in ... Just sayin'.

I could go on and on about how amazing I was at sliding ... or how amazing this activity was.

But I am tired. Thank you, Tylenol PM {one of my new best friends}.

And I really need to turn off the documentary my parents' left on the TV about Saddam Hussein. Yes, I "moved back in" with my parents because the temperatures are soaring again. Blek. And blah. And yes, I do use my parents for the air conditioning. What of it?

P.s. I think there is going to be about a post-a-day this week to catch up on my Summer Challenge! Contain your excitement ... but just so you know, they.will.knock.your.socks.off! ;)


Shan said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

Kat said...

I think you could call it a success! What a fun activity! But I understand.... I hate planning activities too, AND being in charge. Remember when I was ward activities co-chair? I was awful at it!

Debbie said...

What a great idea! I've played it before, but not with a slip n' slide to get to home base. Fun!

Kristin said...

I love thee. And this blog.

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