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Jump into Summer Challenge #7 - Attend a Utah Festival Opera & Musical Theatre production

And done.

Pretend I am not totally white trash by attending the Opera in jean shorts and a cheap Old Navy top.

My presence was unexpected and a last-minute request to a ... what are those called? A dress rehearsal matinee.

Not only did I not have to pay to go to it {although, the Utah Festical Opera is always worth paying for!} I actually got paid to be there.

It's moments like these and moments where I am swimming, swinging at the park, at the county fair, at a movie, or at Aggie Icecream and realize I am getting paid that I really, really love my job opposed to the normal "just" really loving it.

The only time I didn't really love my job is when I wasn't able to go on the tour of the Spectrum.

But this post is about the Opera.

We attended "Oliver" and it was fantastic! The scenary was amazing. The performers were perfect.
In fact, the Utah Festival Opera Company has been quite generous to the company I work for, offering free tickets for all of our clients to attend if they wish. I just think that is beyond classy. Our clients probably wouldn't get an opportunity to experience something so marvelous if it wasn't for the generosity of Michael Ballam and those he works with.

By the time I post this the 2011 season will be over. But I would highly recommend to anyone to attend next summer. A Cache Valley summer truly is not complete without going to the Opera.

The only thing I didn't like about the Opera was the grumpy, crasy summer senior citizens. Honestly, their behavior almost resulted in me writing a letter to the editor. Sometimes I think I still should have ... but alas, now they are gone. Peace out, boy scouts.

P.s. Olivia, if you read this: you did a marvelous job! It was so fun to see you perform!

Also part of this challenge was to attend Summer Fest.

Which I did.

Also for work.

But I didn't take any pictures.

I kinda don't feel that Summer Fest and the Opera fall into the same category.

But whatev.

And I am still tired. That's all.

The Breakdown
Opera Tickets: FREE {for us!}, $10-$76 for everyone else :)
Summer Fest Entrance Fee: FREE!
Other $$ Items: To purchase food at the Opera if desired, to purchase food or other items from vendors at Summer Fest


Shan said...

Man, I need a job like yours I think.

Olivia said...

Mindy you ROCK!

Meg said...

That is really awesome that they give your clients tickets.

Melissa said...

Mindy, the last time I went to an opera in Logan (which was fabulous!) I brought a turkey sandwich hidden in my purse. Take that for white trashiness!!

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