Cowboy up!

Jump into Summer Challenge #2 - Attend a rodeo

And not only did I attend a rodeo, I attended a PRCA rodeo! Does that mean anything to you? Because it didn't to me until I went to it and was told it meant the rodeo was a big deal. Apparently it stands for "Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association". And no, I didn't learn that at the rodeo, I just learned that right now by Googling it.

But before we talk about the rodeo, we must talk about this house I found on the way to the rodeo.

Kinda cute, no?

After all, it is pink.

But enough about pink houses.

Let's talk about the rodeo.


Let's talk about the carnival outside of the rodeo.

I didn't ride any rides, but it looked uber-fun.

Here are roommate Jilly and I as we arrive.

Mum, Style and Nephews 1 & 2 were also in attendance but not pictured. They had better seats than us. Ho-well.
The rodeo was quite the show!

But before we talk about the show, remember how I am a point and shoot kind of camera gal? The pictures that exist will remind you of that, had I not just done so now. :) After reading so many blogs with amazing photos, I think I just assume that that is how photos come out these days. And then I am cruelly reminded that no, no they don't. Not unless you have a kinda cool camera with mad amazing photography skillz.


But back at the rodeo ...

We saw the saddle back and bareback riding.

We saw barrel racing.

We saw the calf roping, team roping and steer wrestling.

Which I hated.

So I didn't take pictures.

I cheered for the cows that got away without being roped.

Seven out of nine, baby. :)

And I took pictures of the ones that escaped.

Blurry, but here is an example.

Good job, baby cow!

We saw the mutton bustin.

And the most popular - bull riding!

But none of my pictures turned out.


But it looked something like this ...

I really enjoyed the rodeo ... minus the incessant talking of the announcer {the longest period of time he didn't talk was seven seconds, I counted} and the roping of any animals. :(

But other than that - wonderful!

And looooong.

But I survived.

And next time - I am wearing a cowboy hat.

And going on the rides. :)

But I draw the line at cowboy boots, no thanks.

P.s. I am a little bored by this post. 100 gold stars for reading. :) And lest you forget, you get 100 gold stars for every comment you make on a Summer Challenge post. I will update them this weekend, yo.

The Breakdown
Entrance Fee: $12 {General Admission seating, more for reserved}
Other $$ Items: $$ for food if desired, $$ for carnival rides if desired


Meg said...

PRCA rodeos are long. Ranch rodeos are actually a lot more fun, I think. Instead of professionals the competitors are real working cowboys who generally aren't very good at roping things. :)

Mike said...

29 years old, native of Utah, and I still have never been to a rodeo.

Katie Jane said...

Where did you attend this rodeo?

Shan said...

Yes, I read it and posted! Sweet. I really dig the house, I think you should buy it.

Avree said...

Woohoo for rodeos! And woohoo for your new blog design, I love it!

B and J said...

I have never been to a rodeo, at least that I remember. I don't know that I will ever go to a rodeo. Not because I wouldn't enjoy it, cause I think I would, but Brad is very allergic to horses. We went to some dinner show thing with horses in Las Vegas one year, and even with all the anti-histamines he took his eyes still swelled up :(

Melissa said...

I read your whole post and I agree rodeos are very long, I wish they only lasted an hour at the most. Glad you had fun. AND you should buy the pink house.

B said...

Rodeos rock!!!!

Missy W. said...

That pink house is intense. were those shingles pink? I didn't know you could get pink shingles.

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