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Jump into Summer Challenge #18 - Attend as many fourth of July activities as humanly possible!

Hi, August.

It's not too late to talk about the fourth of July, right?

In Logan, Utah we have such a quirky little quirk when it comes to celebrating America. We never seem to do it on the fourth of July.

For example, this year we celebrated on the second.

Buuuut, whatev. I suppose it just prolongs the celebration, no?

It started off on Saturday with our big fireworks show.

Look, Clairence and I matched. Matchy-matchy striped shirts.
And we blinged it up with some glo-stick bracelets.

These other peeps were there too ... But I honestly don't know who the dude on the left is.

We had matching curly hair too! Bahah!

These are the kind of fireworks that glitter! Needlessly to say, I heart them.

But that was all on the second day of the seventh month.

Remember how on the fourth I started my day off right with a Boy Scouts of America pancake breakfast fundraiser across the street from my house?

Wow. Wasn't that a long sentence?

Stabi, Brent, Mindy, Jillian & Clairence. We came right out of bed. In our pajamas.

I then had to hustle to my parents house so we could do this ...


Ride our bicicletas {that is Spanish for bicycles} to the Hyrum parade.

Beautiful ride, no?

 I was there too, p.s.

 And guess which bicicleta I rode? I had like 10 little girls tell me, "I love your bike!!!" "That is sooo pretty!" "I love it!" as I rode by. One of the best days of my life. Oh, and notice the missionaries in the parade ... Only in Utah. And I love it. They sang, "Called to Serve" as they walked by.

The parade was great. And hot.

And I saw this little truck/trailer in the parade. It was for a hair cutting place.

Gotta be honest, I don't want to get a hair cute from the blonde lady. Just sayin'.

After the parade we went and ate some grub at Olive Garden.

I love celebrating America by eating Italian food.


Buuuut I had to then meet up with these folks again ...

 Mindy, Jilly, Jordan & Clairence

To go see more fireworks!

We had to re-bling ourselves up ...

God bless America, we matched again!

 It was at this point that the mosquitoes took over our lives.

So we had to hide from them.
And little did we know, we were located about 50 meters from where the fireworks were going off. We literally were laying underneath them! It was fantabulous ... minus the few times parts of the fireworks fell from the sky merely feet from us.

This is what a firework looks like when you are underneath it.

Not a whole lotta different than when you are just viewing it from the side, no? At least when in photo form.

I have a couple more of what I think are super-dee-duper photos of fireworks from the evening but Blogger is being the bane of my existence right now, so I will put them up later.

I felt like this was a hecka long post. 100 gold stars for reading it all the way. You are a big deal and should feel proud and pleased with your little self. :)

Peace out, peeps!


B said...


Meg said...

I'm always proud of myself. :)

Of course it's not too late to talk about the 4th of July. If you've read my blog in the last couple of days, I'm just finally posting things that happened in May. :)

You got some cool fireworks pictures.

Whitney B. said...

You are a party animal! Great pictures of the fireworks and I absolutely love your bike! I miss Logan in the Summer. Oh and by the way I will be in Utah Sept 17th through the 25th Can I see you and we can prolong your birthday celebration with a lunch or birthday dinner?

Lissa Chandler said...

i never would have thought about glow bracelets for the 4th... but now max is getting some next year! (and me, too. maybe andrew?)

Melissa said...

It's never too late to post anything about the 4th of July. USA! USA! USA!


I loved all of the pictures in this post AND I read the whole thing (gladly).

Mike said...

100. I miss the Hyrum parade. We used to go every year and watch on my grandparents' front lawn.

Shan said...

Sweetness. I love being a big deal. I think Hyrum/Logan have much better celebrations than Orem and Provo. I miss all the cache valley summer stuff.

Erica said...

The picture of the blonde lady and your related comments made me literally laugh out loud right here in my chair. And I love your bike too, but I was especially impressed with how stylish you looked on that bike ride. Oh, and watching big fireworks come down at you when you're right under them is seriously the coolest thing ever.
There. I had a long comment to go with your long post. 100 points for me please.

Lil said...

I like your firework photos and yes I made it all the way through the post. :)

Jo said...

I loved reading this whole post, I loved seeing you on your pink bicycle on the way home from the Hyrum Parade, and I love you, Mindy!

Missy W. said...

I went to that same breakfast with my family!

Krystal said...

I think I need a pink and brown blanket like yours... so cute! Looks like a fun holiday!

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