91 degrees ...

That is how hot it is today.

91 flippin' degrees.

And I am wearing pants.

Who does that?

Who wears pants in 91 flippin' degrees?

Oh, I suppose there are some people who do. People who are forced to for work and other people who ... had all of their shorts burned in a tragic house fire? Because honestly peeps, those are the only reasons I can think of why someone would wear pantelones in 91 flippin' degrees.

No, I do not have to wear pants for work.

No, all of my shorts did not burn in a tragic house fire, which leads us to believe there is a third reason for pantelones in this Heaven-forsaken desert heat {have I ever mentioned I live in a desert? Because I do}.

The only other reason I can think of why someone would wear pants in 91 flippin' degrees is because they had a Sharpie war the night before ... and their legs are totally convered in black lines. The same black lines may faintly still exist on my neck and arms as well, which in case you were not aware, are not as easy to hide as the ones on my legs. Unless I wanted to whip out a long-sleeved turtle neck as well ... which I am not even sure I own.


I do own one.

It's black.

And classy.

And I wear it with this uber-cute skirt.

In the winter ...

When my desert Utah gets in temperatures of below zero {not below freezing ... below flippin' zero, at least 30 degrees below freezing}.

But here I am talking about a turtle neck when I really want to be talking about the Sharpie war.

Not only did it leave me with uglay black lines everywhere, and some choice phrases like, "I love smelly feet" written all over me but some serious bruise-age and carpet burns too.


I am a hot mess today.

Literally, hot.

Beacuse if you have forgotten it is 91 flippin' degrees and I am wearing pantelones!

P.s. Pantelones is Spanish for pants.

But alas, fear not for me. I shall soon be sitting in the air conditioned confinement of my parents' home.

P.s. Any ideas on how to get the Sharpie off? Many thanks in advance!  


Katie said...

I don't believe you, deodorant. I think a picture will prove your innocence, deodorant. :)

Danelle and Alex said...

I got in a sharpie war once too. I think I just lots of dish soap and those green scratcher dish pads to get it some what off.

Melissa said...

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers work to get sharpie off walls, mirrors and windows. Unfortunately, I don't think it works on skin. Try hairspray.

Shan said...

Oh my, I think I would let people see my legs just so I didn't have to wear pants.

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