A weddin'

Jump into Summer Challenge #21 - Attend a Weddin'

What summer is complete without attending at least one wedding {or 40}?

I was able to attend the Temple sealing and marriage of one of my favoritest people on the entire planet, Miss Courtney Carlson {now Mrs. Bilodeau!}.

Court and I met in August last year in our ward and she was my Relief Society secretary throughout the school year. I didn't tell her this then, but in the three times I have been RS president, my secretaries have always gotten married the following summer. :) I am glad she kept the tradition going. P.s. I somehow must find a way to be my own secretary. ;)

The Temple was beautiful, of course. And I was so grateful to be there. Temple sealings are my mostest favorite thing to attend ever. I am so grateful I was able to celebrate that special moment with Court and Alex.

After the sealing I waited outside for the bride and groom to appear with the amasing Whit and Katie Bug ... I also was able to sing, "One of these things is not like the other" a lot.

Mindy, Katie and Whit
 And then Courtney's sister-in-law appeared and if I had thought I felt misplaced before ...
At least I got the polka-dots, right?

The photographer then began to pull those three aside to get photos of them ... and I was reminded that I shall never ever be outside of the Temple without matching the bridesmaids. Ya know, just so I can fit in and belong.

And after what seemed like forever ...

Mr. & Mrs. Bilodeau!
 And then the pictures began! Err ... at least ones that they actually wanted me in! ;)

Isn't she gorgeous?
Oh how much I adore her!

It was such a beautiful for two beautiful people! And while I still have a handful of activities to complete before my challenge is complete, something is telling me that none of them will top this day. Not one. Well, unless during one of those activities Court starts a blog, then that might rival it. :)

How many weddins' will you attend this summer?


Meg said...

I attended my little brother's wedding. And I'll be going to one next month, too. I think that's it, though. Just two this summer. :)

Katie Jane said...

None. I like to keep it that way.

Missy W. said...

most of my friends are working on kid #4, so my years of attending a million weddings each summer are past. :)

Shan said...

I'm starting to attend co-workers kid's receptions. haha.

Lil said...

I have attended two and have one more before the summer is over. Then begin the fall and winter weddings. :)

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