Sadness fills the walls ...

It's been a difficult day at work today.

We received news that one of our clients passed away last night.

He was the most adorable elderly gentleman. So sweet. So kind. So thoughtful. So concerned. So child-like in word and deed. And one thing that I absolutely adored about him was that he wore the exact same overalls that my grandpa used to wear.

I told him this once and he asked, "Where does your grandpa live?"

I told him he lives in Heaven.

And now our dear client does too.

My old roommate would do a lot of work with him after hours, so he came to my place frequently. He would always remember the tiniest details about my life that he learned from being at my apartment or by hearing it from my roommate.

My old roommate was with him as the events unfolded to his passing. I cannot imagine how difficult that must have been for her ... yet, a tender mercy for her to be with him in one of the most sacred moments life has to offer. And a tender mercy for him too, to be able to cross from this life to the next with someone who loved him profoundly.

I firmly believe that these special people live more closely to Heaven than the rest of us do, as only last week he informed staff he "needed to see" his brother, his only remaining living family member. Of course his staff obliged and the two brothers were able to spend their precious final hours on earth together.

I am reminded of a quote from James E. Faust. He said, "Those who are close to the [disabled] can frequently feel the nobility of the spirits who are confined in differently shaped bodies or who have crippled minds."


While it is difficult to see the tears and sorrow of those who miss him profoundly, our faith teaches and our souls know that he is in a better place. We know he is finally free from the limitations his mortal body confined him to.
Until we meet again, friend - we miss you and we love you.


cole linnae said...

im so sorry mindy. when i was a hospice aide, every single patient of mine that passed away was hard on me. it doesnt matter how elderly or sick or ready they are- its still hard to see them go. i'm so sorry :(

Avree said...

Sorry for your loss Mindy. I agree with you, the disabled are definitely the noble ones.

Shan said...

I'm sorry for you loss.

Meg said...

Sorry to hear that you've lost someone you care about. It's never easy to let go, even knowing they are headed somewhere better.

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