Put one on the grill for me, please!

Jump into Summer Challenge #22 - Have a Barbecue Baby!

We decided to have a barbecue in our back yard.

It was BYOM.

Buuut, I couldn't be bothered with that. So someone provided me with the largest slab of steak I had ever seen.
And I clearly have never looked more attractive than right before engaging in carnivorous activities. And nevermind that this was second dinner.
Annnnd, I couldn't really be bothered with cooking it either.

So he did.
Yes, that is my leg trying to be scandalous ... Oh, and Jordan.
But to my defense, he cooked everyone's. So I am not a moocher. Right? :)

The rest of us were busy doing something else anyway.
Crasy Skyler.
Going to the special spot designated to apply the bug spray. Oh.my.word.the.mosquitoes. Oh, my word. Take that.

After the BBQ we set up a bed sheet on the fence and a projector.

Clairence &  Mindy

Everyone! Crasy Skyler; Clairence & Mindy; Jordan's eye, Tina & Jilly.
We opted to watch the Prince of Persia. I think besides Inception, it was the last movie I saw in the theatre.

And I would say more about our amasing BBQ and projected-fence movie. But I have to go to the bathroom. Anyone in next time we whip out the bedsheet? :)

The Breakdown
Cost of food - and that is it!


Shan said...

That looks like so much fun!

ClaireElizabeth said...

Yay bbq:) I will be stealing these for my fb summer album:)

Meg said...

Fun times. Nice steak.

Amy Jo Mama said...

Yes please! That looks like a blast and a half!!! :)

cami said...

ummm why was I not invited??? so sad.

Melissa said...

That steak looks good and the movie looks so fun!!

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