Oh, I had a contest ...

on the good ol' blog and forgot to announce the winner!

Remember this challenge?

The winner is ... Meg! And yes, this would be the same Meg that is reigning Gold Star Champ! Is she good or what?

And for those of you who have been dyyying to know the answers, here it is! In a tub that four gals share there are:

12 shampoos
12 conditions
8 body washes
4 face washes
and 8 razors!

When I finally remembered I needed to find a winner, I realized that I had made this an extremely complicated system to rate! Some people were spot on with some of their guesses, but then were super off with others. The best way I figured to do this was to give points for each guess. If you guessed spot on or were the closest to the number out of everyone who guessed you got one point {as in first place}. If you were the second closest, you got two points, etc. and so forth. And, of course lowest score winning.

P.s. Melissa, you came in a close second.

Also, I felt it might be appropriate to announce the winner of my other blog giveaway!

Through a random number generator, the winner is Brooke! You now get to buy me a plane ticket and book me a room on a Mediterranean cruise! Thanks, hon! You.are.a.gem!

P.s. The only other option you have of not purchasing me these items as stated in the giveaway is to start a blog for you and an Adam. That's all. :)

Meg, email your address so I can send you your prize! :)

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