Jump into Summer Challenge!

Hey, peeps.

The time has come for us to talk about the infamous Cache Valley periodical. Technically, it's called the Cache Valley Magazine. But it arrives so periodically, with no known rhyme or reason to me that I feel that is more fitting.

Plus, it isn't like I have subscribed to it. It just randomly comes in the local paper ... periodically. And let's just clear this up right now too - I haven't subscribed to that either. But my parents have. Thus, my relationship with the CV periodical.

In a semi-recent issue there was an article entitled, "Jump into Summer" that gave a list of 20 things to do for the perfect Cache Valley summer. As I am always up for a challenge, I decided to take it upon myself to accomplish all of these things. This summer.

Heaven help us all.

Or just me, as I try to accomplish them all.

And so it shall begin ... the Jump into Summer Challenge, which naturally, I will be documenting here.

There are several other things that were not listed that I have decided are fitting for the challenge too. They will be listed as numbers 21 - xx.

The challenge begins in the post below!

100 gold stars for each challenge post read/commented on.
Also, there will be a lot of them coming in the near future, but I promise it will not completely take over the blog. ;)


Shan said...

Bring it on!

Erica said...

I feel so cultured when I read your blog. I don't think I ever would have known about the CV periodical (and I like your reasoning for that name too).

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