n  , pl -sies
a tendency, type of behaviour, mannerism, etc, of a specific person; quirk
Idiosyncrasy is a fun word. It's fun to say {go ahead and try}. And it is also fun because it has the word "crasy" in there, which is how I actually pronounce "crazy" these days. And ironically enough, the fact that I pronounce "crazy" as "crasy" is an idiosyncrasy in and of itself!

We are talking about indiosyncrasies today because I deal with them a lot at work.

I have a client that I have worked with for years who loathes being able to feel the tag in her underpants. Because of this idiosyncrasy, I have cut tags out of underpants more times than I could ever remember.

Another client loves to have songs sung to her, but she is adamant about having correct and emphasized pronunciation, particularly at the end of each sentence. For example, if I was singing, "Old MacDonald" I would need to sing, "Old MacDonald had a far-muh!"

I could probably go on and on about the different indiosyncrasies I have come across.

So, I will.

But this time, with a new founded idiosyncrasy that belongs to me!

It just came on suddenly, about three days ago.


Ugh. How did this happen? One minute I am fine, having had my torso touch desks my entire life and then the next moment something in my head said, "That certainly feels weird. In fact, you don't like it. You hate it!"

And now I do. I hate my torso touching my desk!

There is no rhyme or reason to this. I understand that. But it just feels so weird and I never seemed to notice it before.

But don't cry for me, Argentina.

I have found a solution for Torso Touching Desk Syndrome.

And here it is ...

Freel free to ignore the fact that I am sticking my tongue out.
I put a little ball between my torso and the desk and voila!

Brilliant, no?

I clearly do not have Torso Touching Ball Touching Desk Syndrome - which is such a relief.

I realize that by throwing this information out there into the world wide web that it may make you think I am ... crasy. But before we fully commit to that route, I ask you:

What idiosyncrasies do YOU have?
Please notice the amazing "Bored" coloring page on my wall. A client colored it for me. I love it. Feel free to also notice the pink weepul at my desk. I have named it Spencer Weepul after my co-worker Spencer Whipple. Creative, no? And lasly, notice my earrings. A client at work came up to me and said, "I love your leaves!" I had no idea what said client was talking about so I just said thanks and continued the conversation. However when said client brought it up again by saying, "I just love leaf earrings" I informed him that they are actually just feathers. Fortunately, he still thought they were cool. Just not as cool as leaves. And I lied. Lastly, notice how uglay that wall is. I wish I could paint it ... pink perhaps. :)


Shan said...

I think you should be able to paint your office walls for sure and I love the ball idea. :)

DeeAura said...

BAHAHAHAHA...I love you, I love your blog, and you always make me laugh. Thank you. :)

Avree said...

I love it. I do a really gross face when I put my mascara on, for some reason it just makes my eyelashes easier to get to. My niece, Marin, was watching me do it one day and said "Aunt Avree, stop making that face, it's scaring me!"

Katie said...

I can never remember these kind of things when I am put on the spot...I only remember them when they are actually occurring. Now that I think of it..I don't like it when my waist leans up against tables and stuff...I find it wears little holes in my shirt. Weird, no? I love the picture. :) I also love that your job provides us with so many entertaining stories.

Meg said...

I think you need something large to cover the wall. Assuming they won't let you paint it.

So, did you ever consider moving your mouse and keyboard closer to the edge of the desk so you could sit back and not touch the desk? Although that wouldn't make nearly so entertaining blogging. :)

Do you stick your tongue out when you concentrate? My three-year-olds do.

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