Guess what I learned yesterday ...

Apparently serving a full-time LDS mission where you leave family, friends, home and everything you have known for 19/21 years, delaying education, many times living in a foreign country while learning a foreign language and being up at dawn every morning and working your tail end off providing selfless service is comparable to throwing around a football {as long as it is for BYU}. Evidently, they are essentially the same thing and both accomplish pretty much the same purpose.

Or so says the hopeful-starting BYU quarterback.

Courtesy of the Salt Lake Tribune, "Having not served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Heaps views being BYU’s quarterback as his visible platform to advance the cause."



Our way.

The Lord's way.

As long as it is someone's - anyone's platform ... and it is visible.

It's right.



And good to know


{P.s. How is that for pot stirring today?}

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Avree said...

Hehe I love it!

cami said...

....let the drama begin! hahaha

Di said...

I am so thankful to have Heaps teach me the gospel through football, and not just me I bet he will convert so many people...probably everyone who watches him. Ha ha that is hilarious.

Natalie Stoddard said...

This could easily be said about David Archuleta as well.

Meg said...

I'm surprised there are so few comments. I expected a lot more on a post like this.

Lissa Chandler said...

agreed. comments like that really get under my skin. and i spent four years at byu!

Jared said...

What a moron.

Then again, I can't expect someone who didn't take the commandment to go serve a mission seriously to have anything enlightening to say about anything.

It's just like when people say that Jimmer is such a great example. Hah. No amount of national media exposure as a member of the Church is worth giving up for a mission.

That is all.

Erica said...

As a Cougar who bleeds blue, I am disappointed with Heaps and his decision to forgo a mission. He is much more hype and has yet to truly prove himself. Maybe he will end up being an all-star, but I prefer to see people like Jackson Emery who served a mission first and was then successful in his basketball career. BYU's new QB recruit, Tanner Mangum--who has also received many of the pre-college praise Heaps did, is serving his mission before he even sets foot on BYU's campus. In my opinion, that's the way to do it. There's something that just doesn't settle well with me with the Heaps situation. But, who am I to judge, really? I mean, I don't know the whole story. Disappointing, though.
Go Cougars

Missy W. said...

I guess I'm bad because I don't give a crap which BYU football players do or do not serve missions. It's football. They run around in tight spandex. There is nothing remotely religious about it. Geeze, get over yourself Heaps.

Jo said...

Well, in response to your pot stirring: We do not know his personal circumstances. His mission status is between him and his God. Who are we to judge?

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