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Jump into Summer Challenge #17 - Attend the Cache Valley Cruise-In & the legendary Beach Boys concert

Let's just clarify two things right off the bat.

1. I hate the Beach Boys

2. "Legendary" was the Cache Valley Magazine's word, not mine.

The Cruise-In is a "premier" {CVM's word choice again} event here in Logan. Every summer car lovers from around the country come for three days of show, including a concert and the actual cruise-in aspect of the show as the hundreds of drivers take their fancy-schmancy, vintage cars down main street in a grand parade-like fashion. Days before the show-parade people line lawn chairs and trailers down the streets, eager to get fantastic seats in such a carmegdden event.

Here I am at the car show before the concert ...

I didn't particularly like this car, per se. But I had to have photo documentation that I was there. :)

I don't think you were supposed to get in the cars. Oops?

My favorite. No explanation needed, right?
We were then off to listen to MY MOST FAVORITE BAND IN THE ENTIRE WORLD,
The Beach Boys.


But I decided to go big or go home, so I bought this shirt at Old Navy for like five-dollah a couple weeks before, knowing I had to go to the concert.

"The Beach Boys - Surfin' USA"
My main problem with the Beach Boys is that their music is forced perky. I really don't enjoy things that make you feel like you have to be happy. Forced perkiness is truly no perkiness at all, no? It's like the Fun Park in Logan. If I have to be told I am having fun ... I question if I am having fun at all.

But I digress.

Another thing about the Beach Boys, the first six songs they sang talked about surfin'. Not even surfing. Just surfin'.

I personally have never been surfing so I might not know the wondrous magic of it that clearly these band members feel to have written at least six songs about it - but broaden your horizons, man! It would be as if I had written the China song and then never branched out to my Mexico or New Zealand songs! And that, my friends, would be an utter travesty.*

The entire gang. My roommate Clairence, Jilly, and Stabi. Oh, and Brent too. P.s. He does not live with us. :)

Possibly one of the only places on earth where VIP means you will be sitting on dirt. Nice.

And the concert began. I am unsure about this.
 But things got better when I saw five of these babies being swatted around in the crowd!
I wanted to catch it so badly!

And best.day.of.my.life - I did!
But now we will talk about how it turned back into the worst day of my life ... With this man here:

He got upset with me because apparently I had left my flash on my camera. Uhm, didn't even know I couldn't have it on. But whatev.  And nevermind that it wasn't even dark out yet. But that didn't stop him from pointing me out of all the crowd and then using lame hand signals with over-emphasized facial expressions to inform me.

Then he kept looking back at me during the concert to make sure I wasn't using it still.

Did someone need to remind him he was a VOLUNTEER usher?

I think so.

P.s. My roommates and I may or may not have started a John Stamos/Uncle Jesse chant two or three or seven times during the concert. Other may or may not have joined in.

Much to our dismay, he never did show up. Not even for the encore.

And, alas, a photo of the band:
True evidence that I was there.

And the fact that I am typing this is evidence that I survived, barely.

And with this event, two challenges down.

19 more to go!

* Remind me I need to tell you a story about how I learned what the word "travesty" means.
P.s. Happy birthday to one of my favorites, Mikey! He is a spectacular fellow. Feel free to wish him happy birthday via a comment on his blog. :)

The Breakdown
BB Concert: $15 dollah {gets you into the concert and the Cruise-In show at the Fair Grounds}
Cruise-In Only: 7 dollah {to walk around at the Fair Grounds}
Cruise-In Parade: FREE


Melissa said...

I loved everything about this post. My kids think I'm crazy for laughing at the computer. The usher, the VIP section and your description of the Beach Boys were awesome. Thanks for making my day.

I'm glad you survived...and caught the beach ball.

Katie said...

You and Jilly Jill Jillian are da best; your roommates are so lucky to have you two :)

You are more than welcome to come visit me in Hawaii (did I tell you I'm moving there in January?) so you can learn to surf. Maybe then you will want to follow the Beach Boys around the country listening to their perky music!

That volunteer usher sure looks intimidating...that's my uncle! He said it was frustrating to have to babysit all of these teenagers who wouldn't turn off their flash. I didn't know he was talking about you!!

P.S. Happy Birthday Mikey!

P.P.S. Ok...so he isn't my uncle...don't even recognize the man. That would have been funny, no?

Avree said...

Matt wanted to take Spencer to the Beach Boys concert SO bad. But, being the mean wife that I am, I said no. I didn't want to spend the money, plus there were only like 2 members of the original band there.

Shan said...

I used to always watch that car parade right next to the A&W. Ahhh those are good memories.

The Enslingers said...

Your posts crack me up. I actually can't believe how many people are at that concert. Nor how many people said via Facebook that they went to it. And is the "travesty" story the one I am very familiar with? If it includes barking and basketball, please do tell it! :)

Katie Jane said...

I hate the Beach Boys as well. They're not even boys. They're beach grandpas.

Also, I like that the majority of the VIP section was occupied by people in wheelchairs. Mean to point out. But I'm doing it.

Missy W. said...

I didn't attend, but it didn't matter, since we can hear everything that goes on at the fairgrounds loud and clear FROM OUR BACKYARD. :)

Mike said...

I am going to break with the mold here and disagree with Mindy: The Beach Boys are AWESOME. They were my first favorite band, when I was five years old. Brian Wilson was groundbreakingly influential. Sloop John B and God Only Knows are two of the best songs ever. And, I might point out, are not perky. The former is about a shipwreck (not perky), and the latter was Kevin and Winnie's breakup song (not perky).
But I respect your opinion, even though I do not agree with it. :-)

Mike said...

Oh! And I just saw the Birthday Shout-out! Thank you! You're one of my favorites too!

This comment has been removed by the author.
ClaireElizabeth said...

I think Jordan would be offended that you didn't like his car.

Come home so we can picture swap!:)

Meg said...

I love the pink Herbie! That is awesome.

The band is called the BEACH boys, it makes sense that they sing about surfing, doesn't it? :)

cole linnae said...

omg..if i were there, and uncle jesse would have showed up......i would have absolutely DIED!!!!!!!!! he is the bee's knees.

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