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Jump into Summer Challenge #16 - Attend an amateur baseball game

I thought for my very first challenge of the summer, I would one-up the CV periodical. Instead of just attending/watching a baseball game - I joined a flippin' league!

Yes, my legs are white. And yes, I am wearing my 11-year-old nephew's shorts.
And not only did I join a flippin' league, I kinda inadvertently became the manager ... which has not only been the cause of much stress {organizing the company team, ordering shirts, getting schedules out, practices planned, etc.} but has also led to multiple phone calls with the local police department {it's illegal to punch people in the face, peeps!}.

But don't fret over it too much, I have successfully passed off most of the managerial duties to others. Oh, delegation is a beautiful thing!

I think a ball came flying by and gave me a fright ... either that or I was just excited to get to third base?
We have played four games so far ... and have only won one. Buuut, we won 30-6, so we can't be that bad, right? And, that team happened to be a "rival" company that also provides services to individuals with intellectual disabilities so technically it was the most important win of the season anyway.

CETC 2011 Softball Tam ... minus my brother-in-law who is also on the team!
One of the best things about the softball team so far is that when we did win the director of our company provided donuts for us the following day at work. And THEN, when we lost the following week, donuts were also provided to keep up company morale. ;)

So here's to the rest of the season as well as checking off my first item off of my Jump into Summer Challenge!

All photos were taken by the marvelous Callie.

The Breakdown
Team Entrance Fee: $275
Shirts: $12 per shirt


Melissa said...

I'm excited for all of the CV periodical posts.

You look fantastic in your nephew's shorts AND your legs are probably darker than mine....

Mike said...

I think this may be your best post ever.

Meg said...

That is definitely better than just attending a game. :)

Shan said...

That looks like a lot of fun!

B said...

They put YOU in charge???????

Erica said...


Lil said...

I attended a game! Not in Cache Valley mind you...awe well. I didn't play. Pretty sure that would be scary...to all the people around me.

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