A weddin'

Jump into Summer Challenge #21 - Attend a Weddin'

What summer is complete without attending at least one wedding {or 40}?

I was able to attend the Temple sealing and marriage of one of my favoritest people on the entire planet, Miss Courtney Carlson {now Mrs. Bilodeau!}.

Court and I met in August last year in our ward and she was my Relief Society secretary throughout the school year. I didn't tell her this then, but in the three times I have been RS president, my secretaries have always gotten married the following summer. :) I am glad she kept the tradition going. P.s. I somehow must find a way to be my own secretary. ;)

The Temple was beautiful, of course. And I was so grateful to be there. Temple sealings are my mostest favorite thing to attend ever. I am so grateful I was able to celebrate that special moment with Court and Alex.

After the sealing I waited outside for the bride and groom to appear with the amasing Whit and Katie Bug ... I also was able to sing, "One of these things is not like the other" a lot.

Mindy, Katie and Whit
 And then Courtney's sister-in-law appeared and if I had thought I felt misplaced before ...
At least I got the polka-dots, right?

The photographer then began to pull those three aside to get photos of them ... and I was reminded that I shall never ever be outside of the Temple without matching the bridesmaids. Ya know, just so I can fit in and belong.

And after what seemed like forever ...

Mr. & Mrs. Bilodeau!
 And then the pictures began! Err ... at least ones that they actually wanted me in! ;)

Isn't she gorgeous?
Oh how much I adore her!

It was such a beautiful for two beautiful people! And while I still have a handful of activities to complete before my challenge is complete, something is telling me that none of them will top this day. Not one. Well, unless during one of those activities Court starts a blog, then that might rival it. :)

How many weddins' will you attend this summer?


Fire it up!

Jump into Summer Challenge #17 - Attend the Cache Valley Cruise-In & the legendary Beach Boys concert

Let's just clarify two things right off the bat.

1. I hate the Beach Boys

2. "Legendary" was the Cache Valley Magazine's word, not mine.

The Cruise-In is a "premier" {CVM's word choice again} event here in Logan. Every summer car lovers from around the country come for three days of show, including a concert and the actual cruise-in aspect of the show as the hundreds of drivers take their fancy-schmancy, vintage cars down main street in a grand parade-like fashion. Days before the show-parade people line lawn chairs and trailers down the streets, eager to get fantastic seats in such a carmegdden event.

Here I am at the car show before the concert ...

I didn't particularly like this car, per se. But I had to have photo documentation that I was there. :)

I don't think you were supposed to get in the cars. Oops?

My favorite. No explanation needed, right?
We were then off to listen to MY MOST FAVORITE BAND IN THE ENTIRE WORLD,
The Beach Boys.


But I decided to go big or go home, so I bought this shirt at Old Navy for like five-dollah a couple weeks before, knowing I had to go to the concert.

"The Beach Boys - Surfin' USA"
My main problem with the Beach Boys is that their music is forced perky. I really don't enjoy things that make you feel like you have to be happy. Forced perkiness is truly no perkiness at all, no? It's like the Fun Park in Logan. If I have to be told I am having fun ... I question if I am having fun at all.

But I digress.

Another thing about the Beach Boys, the first six songs they sang talked about surfin'. Not even surfing. Just surfin'.

I personally have never been surfing so I might not know the wondrous magic of it that clearly these band members feel to have written at least six songs about it - but broaden your horizons, man! It would be as if I had written the China song and then never branched out to my Mexico or New Zealand songs! And that, my friends, would be an utter travesty.*

The entire gang. My roommate Clairence, Jilly, and Stabi. Oh, and Brent too. P.s. He does not live with us. :)

Possibly one of the only places on earth where VIP means you will be sitting on dirt. Nice.

And the concert began. I am unsure about this.
 But things got better when I saw five of these babies being swatted around in the crowd!
I wanted to catch it so badly!

And best.day.of.my.life - I did!
But now we will talk about how it turned back into the worst day of my life ... With this man here:

He got upset with me because apparently I had left my flash on my camera. Uhm, didn't even know I couldn't have it on. But whatev.  And nevermind that it wasn't even dark out yet. But that didn't stop him from pointing me out of all the crowd and then using lame hand signals with over-emphasized facial expressions to inform me.

Then he kept looking back at me during the concert to make sure I wasn't using it still.

Did someone need to remind him he was a VOLUNTEER usher?

I think so.

P.s. My roommates and I may or may not have started a John Stamos/Uncle Jesse chant two or three or seven times during the concert. Other may or may not have joined in.

Much to our dismay, he never did show up. Not even for the encore.

And, alas, a photo of the band:
True evidence that I was there.

And the fact that I am typing this is evidence that I survived, barely.

And with this event, two challenges down.

19 more to go!

* Remind me I need to tell you a story about how I learned what the word "travesty" means.
P.s. Happy birthday to one of my favorites, Mikey! He is a spectacular fellow. Feel free to wish him happy birthday via a comment on his blog. :)

The Breakdown
BB Concert: $15 dollah {gets you into the concert and the Cruise-In show at the Fair Grounds}
Cruise-In Only: 7 dollah {to walk around at the Fair Grounds}
Cruise-In Parade: FREE


Guess what I learned yesterday ...

Apparently serving a full-time LDS mission where you leave family, friends, home and everything you have known for 19/21 years, delaying education, many times living in a foreign country while learning a foreign language and being up at dawn every morning and working your tail end off providing selfless service is comparable to throwing around a football {as long as it is for BYU}. Evidently, they are essentially the same thing and both accomplish pretty much the same purpose.

Or so says the hopeful-starting BYU quarterback.

Courtesy of the Salt Lake Tribune, "Having not served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Heaps views being BYU’s quarterback as his visible platform to advance the cause."



Our way.

The Lord's way.

As long as it is someone's - anyone's platform ... and it is visible.

It's right.



And good to know


{P.s. How is that for pot stirring today?}

See post below to see who won my blog challenge!

Oh, I had a contest ...

on the good ol' blog and forgot to announce the winner!

Remember this challenge?

The winner is ... Meg! And yes, this would be the same Meg that is reigning Gold Star Champ! Is she good or what?

And for those of you who have been dyyying to know the answers, here it is! In a tub that four gals share there are:

12 shampoos
12 conditions
8 body washes
4 face washes
and 8 razors!

When I finally remembered I needed to find a winner, I realized that I had made this an extremely complicated system to rate! Some people were spot on with some of their guesses, but then were super off with others. The best way I figured to do this was to give points for each guess. If you guessed spot on or were the closest to the number out of everyone who guessed you got one point {as in first place}. If you were the second closest, you got two points, etc. and so forth. And, of course lowest score winning.

P.s. Melissa, you came in a close second.

Also, I felt it might be appropriate to announce the winner of my other blog giveaway!

Through a random number generator, the winner is Brooke! You now get to buy me a plane ticket and book me a room on a Mediterranean cruise! Thanks, hon! You.are.a.gem!

P.s. The only other option you have of not purchasing me these items as stated in the giveaway is to start a blog for you and an Adam. That's all. :)

Meg, email your address so I can send you your prize! :)


Put one on the grill for me, please!

Jump into Summer Challenge #22 - Have a Barbecue Baby!

We decided to have a barbecue in our back yard.

It was BYOM.

Buuut, I couldn't be bothered with that. So someone provided me with the largest slab of steak I had ever seen.
And I clearly have never looked more attractive than right before engaging in carnivorous activities. And nevermind that this was second dinner.
Annnnd, I couldn't really be bothered with cooking it either.

So he did.
Yes, that is my leg trying to be scandalous ... Oh, and Jordan.
But to my defense, he cooked everyone's. So I am not a moocher. Right? :)

The rest of us were busy doing something else anyway.
Crasy Skyler.
Going to the special spot designated to apply the bug spray. Oh.my.word.the.mosquitoes. Oh, my word. Take that.

After the BBQ we set up a bed sheet on the fence and a projector.

Clairence &  Mindy

Everyone! Crasy Skyler; Clairence & Mindy; Jordan's eye, Tina & Jilly.
We opted to watch the Prince of Persia. I think besides Inception, it was the last movie I saw in the theatre.

And I would say more about our amasing BBQ and projected-fence movie. But I have to go to the bathroom. Anyone in next time we whip out the bedsheet? :)

The Breakdown
Cost of food - and that is it!


How to Master Your Evil Twin

1. Recognize that you have an evil twin.
Everyone has an evil twin. And by evil twin I don't mean an entirely separate entity from yourself, but your worst-self that does things, says things and is something you would clearly never be.

2. Shave off your goatee
All people with goatees {male or female} are forsurely the evil twin. But fully recognize that it doesn't mean the evil one always has one, as mine does not.

3. Familiarize yourself with the conditions in which your evil twin likes to come out and play.
Is it while driving on the freeway? While watching sporting events? While listening to band music? ;) And then avoid those settings at all cost.

Or if you are like me skip steps one through three and just go to step 1b:
turn on the air conditioning ...
or seek out air conditioning until you find it as if your life depends on it {because it does!}.

When the temperature rises and there is no way to cool down -

This happened this morning. In my non-air conditioned home.

Evil Mindy came out to play.

And no one has taught her how to play nice.

AND, to top it off: she is ugly!

She wants to sweat.

And pull her hair out.

With bulging eyes and veins.

Practically spits on everything and everyone in her presence in that heaven-forsaken heat.

And fangs may or may not grow.

I cannot be certain because her very presence makes all mirrors shatter.

I am not quite sure of all the horrific possibilities that Evil Mindy could be capable of, but it may have included eating her roommates' heads off and swallowing them. Well, at least the ones who tell her, "It's not that hot in here."

To whom it may concern: 90* is too hot in here.

90* is too hot anywhere.


And apparently even just talking about excessive heat spurs Evil Mindy on.

But enough about Evil Mindy.

How about more helpful advice?

It's helpful to know whether you're the good or evil twin for a couple of reasons:

1. The evil twin always tries to kill the good twin. So, if you're the good twin, you'll want to watch your back. And if you're the evil twin, and you've always felt adrift and unfulfilled in life, now you know why: go kill your goody-two-shoes twin and steal all of the ice cubes out of his ice cube trey {it's the kicking him while he is down theory}.

2. If you're the evil twin and don't want your good twin to know, it's smart to shave your goatee off. Similarly, a good twin can purchase a false goatee at a costume store to confuse his evil counterpart.

You might think to yourself, "I'd certainly know if I was the evil twin," but you'd be surprised. The evil twin almost never realizes they're not the good one, just as people who wear sunglasses indoors don't realize they're not the cool one and certain individuals don't realize they are not the ones that are going to convince me into going to Home Evening, formerly known as FHE.

But I digress.

Is this post about mastering your evil-self?
Subliminal messages into getting people to shave off their uglay facial hair?
Or another rant about no air conditioning in my house?

I guess that is up for you to decide ... or your evil twin, I 'spose.


Sadness fills the walls ...

It's been a difficult day at work today.

We received news that one of our clients passed away last night.

He was the most adorable elderly gentleman. So sweet. So kind. So thoughtful. So concerned. So child-like in word and deed. And one thing that I absolutely adored about him was that he wore the exact same overalls that my grandpa used to wear.

I told him this once and he asked, "Where does your grandpa live?"

I told him he lives in Heaven.

And now our dear client does too.

My old roommate would do a lot of work with him after hours, so he came to my place frequently. He would always remember the tiniest details about my life that he learned from being at my apartment or by hearing it from my roommate.

My old roommate was with him as the events unfolded to his passing. I cannot imagine how difficult that must have been for her ... yet, a tender mercy for her to be with him in one of the most sacred moments life has to offer. And a tender mercy for him too, to be able to cross from this life to the next with someone who loved him profoundly.

I firmly believe that these special people live more closely to Heaven than the rest of us do, as only last week he informed staff he "needed to see" his brother, his only remaining living family member. Of course his staff obliged and the two brothers were able to spend their precious final hours on earth together.

I am reminded of a quote from James E. Faust. He said, "Those who are close to the [disabled] can frequently feel the nobility of the spirits who are confined in differently shaped bodies or who have crippled minds."


While it is difficult to see the tears and sorrow of those who miss him profoundly, our faith teaches and our souls know that he is in a better place. We know he is finally free from the limitations his mortal body confined him to.
Until we meet again, friend - we miss you and we love you.



n  , pl -sies
a tendency, type of behaviour, mannerism, etc, of a specific person; quirk
Idiosyncrasy is a fun word. It's fun to say {go ahead and try}. And it is also fun because it has the word "crasy" in there, which is how I actually pronounce "crazy" these days. And ironically enough, the fact that I pronounce "crazy" as "crasy" is an idiosyncrasy in and of itself!

We are talking about indiosyncrasies today because I deal with them a lot at work.

I have a client that I have worked with for years who loathes being able to feel the tag in her underpants. Because of this idiosyncrasy, I have cut tags out of underpants more times than I could ever remember.

Another client loves to have songs sung to her, but she is adamant about having correct and emphasized pronunciation, particularly at the end of each sentence. For example, if I was singing, "Old MacDonald" I would need to sing, "Old MacDonald had a far-muh!"

I could probably go on and on about the different indiosyncrasies I have come across.

So, I will.

But this time, with a new founded idiosyncrasy that belongs to me!

It just came on suddenly, about three days ago.


Ugh. How did this happen? One minute I am fine, having had my torso touch desks my entire life and then the next moment something in my head said, "That certainly feels weird. In fact, you don't like it. You hate it!"

And now I do. I hate my torso touching my desk!

There is no rhyme or reason to this. I understand that. But it just feels so weird and I never seemed to notice it before.

But don't cry for me, Argentina.

I have found a solution for Torso Touching Desk Syndrome.

And here it is ...

Freel free to ignore the fact that I am sticking my tongue out.
I put a little ball between my torso and the desk and voila!

Brilliant, no?

I clearly do not have Torso Touching Ball Touching Desk Syndrome - which is such a relief.

I realize that by throwing this information out there into the world wide web that it may make you think I am ... crasy. But before we fully commit to that route, I ask you:

What idiosyncrasies do YOU have?
Please notice the amazing "Bored" coloring page on my wall. A client colored it for me. I love it. Feel free to also notice the pink weepul at my desk. I have named it Spencer Weepul after my co-worker Spencer Whipple. Creative, no? And lasly, notice my earrings. A client at work came up to me and said, "I love your leaves!" I had no idea what said client was talking about so I just said thanks and continued the conversation. However when said client brought it up again by saying, "I just love leaf earrings" I informed him that they are actually just feathers. Fortunately, he still thought they were cool. Just not as cool as leaves. And I lied. Lastly, notice how uglay that wall is. I wish I could paint it ... pink perhaps. :)


Jump into Summer Challenge!

Hey, peeps.

The time has come for us to talk about the infamous Cache Valley periodical. Technically, it's called the Cache Valley Magazine. But it arrives so periodically, with no known rhyme or reason to me that I feel that is more fitting.

Plus, it isn't like I have subscribed to it. It just randomly comes in the local paper ... periodically. And let's just clear this up right now too - I haven't subscribed to that either. But my parents have. Thus, my relationship with the CV periodical.

In a semi-recent issue there was an article entitled, "Jump into Summer" that gave a list of 20 things to do for the perfect Cache Valley summer. As I am always up for a challenge, I decided to take it upon myself to accomplish all of these things. This summer.

Heaven help us all.

Or just me, as I try to accomplish them all.

And so it shall begin ... the Jump into Summer Challenge, which naturally, I will be documenting here.

There are several other things that were not listed that I have decided are fitting for the challenge too. They will be listed as numbers 21 - xx.

The challenge begins in the post below!

100 gold stars for each challenge post read/commented on.
Also, there will be a lot of them coming in the near future, but I promise it will not completely take over the blog. ;)

Boys of Summer ...

Jump into Summer Challenge #16 - Attend an amateur baseball game

I thought for my very first challenge of the summer, I would one-up the CV periodical. Instead of just attending/watching a baseball game - I joined a flippin' league!

Yes, my legs are white. And yes, I am wearing my 11-year-old nephew's shorts.
And not only did I join a flippin' league, I kinda inadvertently became the manager ... which has not only been the cause of much stress {organizing the company team, ordering shirts, getting schedules out, practices planned, etc.} but has also led to multiple phone calls with the local police department {it's illegal to punch people in the face, peeps!}.

But don't fret over it too much, I have successfully passed off most of the managerial duties to others. Oh, delegation is a beautiful thing!

I think a ball came flying by and gave me a fright ... either that or I was just excited to get to third base?
We have played four games so far ... and have only won one. Buuut, we won 30-6, so we can't be that bad, right? And, that team happened to be a "rival" company that also provides services to individuals with intellectual disabilities so technically it was the most important win of the season anyway.

CETC 2011 Softball Tam ... minus my brother-in-law who is also on the team!
One of the best things about the softball team so far is that when we did win the director of our company provided donuts for us the following day at work. And THEN, when we lost the following week, donuts were also provided to keep up company morale. ;)

So here's to the rest of the season as well as checking off my first item off of my Jump into Summer Challenge!

All photos were taken by the marvelous Callie.

The Breakdown
Team Entrance Fee: $275
Shirts: $12 per shirt



Where have I been?

But honestly, I cannot go into that right.

But what I can go into is this:

Just because someone is abducted does not mean that were abducted by aliens.

I was told by a client that she liked the color of my shirt ... Which would be a nice thing if it wasn't code for she thinks my shirt is too low and immodest. Doh.

I may or may not have bought a new pair of Nikes ... which I totally did not need.

I realize the only shirts/clothing I can stand to have the brand plastered on them is Utah State University and Nike.

Osama bin Laden was 6'4". Is anyone else shocked by this?

I have a really difficult time taking anyone genuine who refers to people, especially people they don't know as "my lovelies."

Speaking of creepy ... Oh, we weren't speaking of creepy things? We are now. I watched a computer animation of the raid in Pakistan. It remind me of dreams I have of being shot down.

Oh, and referring to practical strangers as "my darlings" is as equally awful as referring to them as your lovelies.

The Disneyland half marathon is full, much to my dismay. When looking at the website they actually referred to it as being "SOLD OUT". That seemed strange to me.

I do fidelity checks on the behavioral paperwork at work ... It sometimes makes me feel like I am a school teacher. When making correction I use a highlighter and itty-bitty post-it notes. I always make sure the two colors coordinate. Do you think the staff notice?

Some changes were made in my office at work. It now feels like a call-center with how many people and desks we have in the space allotted.

I have a very good friend who, believe it or not, can smell better than I can. She can smell smells you would never imagine. In fact, she smells smells you would hate me for telling you about. Unfortunately, I have now experienced something that has left me very, very empathetic for her. It also left me gagging. For an indefinite amount of time.

The following remark came from a small child who was being naughty, and upon receiving a threat from his mother that he would have to go to timeout if he didn't shape up, "Do your worst, hippie!" Bahahahaha! I am now going to make it my solemn duty and obligation to find all opportunities to repeat this phrase. :)

"Do your worst" reminds me of The Count of Monte Cristo ... which reminds me of one of my favorite quotes of all time, "I want to be free of you ... the way you, obviously are free of me." Sigh.

At my job I have to track what I am doing essentially every minute for eight hours. Including check-in and check-out times for each project I work on for each client {42 of them} that I write behavior plans for. Poke.my.eyeballs.out.

I stepped on one of my favorite flower headbands and broke it. Yes, it is the same headband that Jillian Jiggs just fixed for me mere weeks ago.

I love, love, love, love, love it when my house is clean. I love all the dishes out of the sink and dish drainer, with the cabinets/stove/table all cleaned off and non-cluttered counters. It.makes.me.happy! I.must.find.a.way.to.make.sure.this.is.the.norm.in.my.house.

Maid in Manhattan is currently on in the background. The only thought I have on that movie is this: there is no way on this green earth Jennifer Lopez would fit into any outfit that Natasha Richardson fits into.

Which reminds me of a recent partial view of Sleepless in Seattle. If I have learned anything from that film it is this: thank the heavens above we all do not have to dress the way Meg Ryan did in that show! Oh, and that Rita Wilson has clearly had her eyebrows worked on since 1993.

I bought a polka dot skirt for two dollah. That also makes me happy. And I can already think of like one kjillion ways to wear it.

I came up with a brilliant idea. Nooow, I know what you are thinking ... my brilliant ideas aren't all that brilliant. But.this.one.is. It reminds me a little bit of the movie "Julie & Julia." It doesn't involve cooking, but it flirts with a similar concept ... Minus the cooking. I know, I know. Julia Child minus cooking = no Julia Child, right? Just wait for it. I think you will like it. Intrigued?

And lastly, Facebook can be a real big jerk sometimes. Sometimes there are some things I just don't want to know - ever. Yet, FB is always right there are the least opportune time to throw it in my face.

And yes, you did wait an entire week to hear from me to read this. Ho-well. :)

Annnd! I have updated the gold stars! However, I was unable to add the 1,000 stars for following as Blogger is being dang dumb and will not let me look at my followers right now. Interested in earning more gold stars? Lemme know!
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