This week ...

We got donuts at work because our company softball team won the first game of the season against a rival provider. 30-6 ... Even though the score keepers only had it as 28-6. Pff. What a travesty. I may or may not be the said manager of said team and I may or may not have pawned off every responsible to everyone else. I may or may not feel pretty good about that.

I was told that I had poop pants and a pee pee face by one of my clients.

I learned that as long as you write your name on something it's yours. Even if you didn't buy it. Nor was it purchased for you. Nor given to you. Your name, alll yours.

I applied lipstick for the first time in years and years. Thank you Avon ladies at the park!

I realized one of million and three bestest things about my friendship with Em is that she always gives me the response I want to hear. :)

I had to play at the park twice for work. It was rough.

I had to go to a movie for work. Which was also rough.

I may have laughed so hard during said movie that I cried ... and not at the movie. Rather at something else that was occurring at the time that involved incessant growling.

I saw Jeremy Evans at Olive Garden {don't worry, he was a lot more smiley when I saw him}. What made this even more fun is my friend had just posted on FB that he was staying at the hotel she works at.
I got kicked, hit, and spit on. But I 'spose that isn't anything too new now is it? :)

I bought two pairs of jeans, each eight dollah. I then turned them into shorts. I think they turned out more than just A-okay!
As far as I can tell, I slept through the entire night one evening. This is the first time that has happened probably in three or for years - maybe more.
Stew Morrill extended his contract. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssss.
There was an article in the local paper about how deer are the enemy. People, I have been saying this for years now. Best line of the article, "I am almost on a first-name basis with some of the deer." Bahaha! Me too, Mr. Theurer. Me too.
I was told through text not to cast my pearls before swine. I chuckled out loud. And agreed. Even though I don't even own pearls. ;)
I feel in love with calzones from Fredrico's. They are pretty much all I can think about now.
I tried to talk my mama into giving me the cookies she is making for her primary class. My success for this is still up in the air. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
I was asked in the middle of my Relief Society visits this week, "Uhm, Mindy? Is your shirt on inside-out?" Uhm, yes. Yes, it was.
I signed up to be in a flash mob.
I learned that common sense is no longer an acceptable term. It should be changed to uncommon sense because it appears that lots of people just don't have it. It is so rare these days that it might be a super hero power ... "Ssh! I feel my common sense tingling!"
I found out that my across-the-street neighbor is a girl I coached in cross country last year! New running buddy! Yesssssss! And yes, we do run at 5:00am.

I told Bebe Turd his cat died in a tragic toilet flushing accident.
I heard the phrase, "I played them like a fiddle" and now I am adamant about finding a way to use this often in my daily life.
I added someone on Facebook I had previously defriended {long story} just so I could "LIKE" a comment someone else had written on their wall.

I was reminded of my love for Einstein's asiago cheese bagels. I may have ate four in less than a 24-hour time frame.

I had to email out the visiting teaching assignments to girls who were not in Church on Sunday. Oh, wait. I haven't done that yet. I better do it now.

What did YOU do this week?

Besides NOT leaving a comment on her blog, pestering her to update. 500 gold stars now at stake for anyone who does!


B said...

I want stars.... AND I am wondering if you EVER have a boring week?

Erica said...

I am very impressed with your week!!

I think you'd be happy to know that this past week I, too, found a running buddy (first one ever), and went every single morning (5:45 am). That's really good for me. Here's to getting in shape!

Meg said...

I don't remember, but it didn't include enough sleep. :)

Shan said...

Sweet. 500 stars? I pestered her and I don't even know her.

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