Teachers here, teachers there, teachers everywhere ...

Several years ago I met up at the Garden in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake City with my friends Emily, Amy and Tamara.

Emily and I met in a class up at USU and teaches typing classes at Morgan High School.

Amy and I met at EFY and were roommates during my horrific stint in Provo. And she teaches English to middle schoolers in Alpine School District.

And Tamara ... welllll, truth be told: I didn't know Tamara. She was Emily's friend errr roommate. Err ... something. But I thought it would be a lot easier to start off saying "my friends" instead of "Emily and her friend/rommate, who was and still is a complete stranger to me and Amy, who is my friend ..."

Because, clearly, that is the way it would have had to be said.

But I digress.

Tamara, didn't teach anything anywhere and now that I think about it plays no major role in this story at all.

And unlike Tamara I was teaching {seminary} and do play a major role in this story.

I like to eat at the Garden for a couple reasons:

1. They serve fried pickles.

2. It is on Temple Square so it allows me to participate in my Temple Square tradition.

3. Annnd they serve friend pickles.

So before meandering over to the fried pickles Garden, my friends Amy, Emily and Tamara and myself did little somethin' somethin' that looks like this ...

100 gold stars if you know what my tradition is ... Hint: my friend Dave calls it "Priestcraft." :)
 Which is the said tradition.

After said tradition and after feeding our bellies with said fried pickles and other scrumptious delights our bill came.

They did not split it up as we had asked ... and while all of us were college graduates, I hate to admit this, we were struggling significantly to split up the combined tax and tip.

My friend Emily made a sassy remark about how funny it was that we were all teachers {except that Tamara girl ... well, maybe she was? But remember I didn't know her then and I still don't know her now} and we still couldn't figure it out.

I immediately responded with, “Yeah, but Amy can tell us if it is spelled right. Emily can type it on a computer. And I can tell you if it’s true.”

And essentially that is all an English teacher, a typing teacher, and a seminary teacher can do with a whacked out bill.

Oh, and did I mention I like fried pickles?

That's all.


Mike said...

Throwing a coin in the reflecting pool. I still need to have the fried pickles fresh, because that one time we had them cold I wasn't too impressed.

Bryce n' Jamie said...

I love fried Pickles.. They have the best ones!

Katie said...

That's what I was going to say-throwing a coin in the waata. I have not eaten the fried pickles at the Garden..but I DO love fried pickles! I learned to love them when I lived in Alabama. If you like tomatoes, you should eat fried green tomatoes. Yum. Except I don't think you like tomatoes so never mind that. Funny post! I have a thing on my phone to split up the bill and tax. I'm not a teacher so I definitely can't figure it out.

Shan said...

Do you make a wish with a coin in the reflection pool? Texas Roadhouse has some pretty good fried pickles.

Kat said...

ok. I LOVE pickles and I've never tried a fried one. Is it really that good? ;)

Meg said...

I've never had fried pickles, but if I ever see them on a menu, I shall try them.

Perhaps you need to befriend a math teacher before you go there again. :)

Krystal said...

I was going to guess throwing a coin, or possibly striking your "Charly" reflection pose :)

Also, that tax thing is funny... I worked at a photography studio once, and the computer was down, so we had to ring the lady up by hand... the manager had no idea how to calculate sales tax. So I pulled out my cell phone and used the basic calculator function to figure it out, and later when the computer was working, the manager was SURPRISED that my calculation was exactly correct, to the PENNY... she had NO clue how to do sales tax... made me laugh.

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