Talented ...

Is probably not a word I would genuinely use to describe myself.

You're shocked*, I know.

With how highly and how frequently I speak of myself, that seems ... foreign to you. :)

But here are the facts.

If I was asked to perform in a talent show: I could not.

Not would NOT.

Could not.

I can't sing.

I don't dance {feel free to thank me for this one}.

I cannot play a musical instrument besides "Old McDonald" had a Farm and "The Spirit of God" on the piano.

Unless you considering parallel parking, spitting watermelon seeds and leg wrestling talents {which, I have concluded most do not}, I will never in my long-legged life be in a talent show.

But don't cry for me, Argentina.

Well, you can.

But it will just make your mascara run.

Besides, I have found a half-talent recently.

I say half-talent because I doubt I could ever perform this in a talent show - yet I am still a pretty big deal because of it.

What is it?

I not only can type - but I type faaast.

Well, at least I think it is fast.

Feel free to decide for yourself.  

Ignore the Spencer Whipple part. I posted this on his Facebook wall because he clearly needed to be reminded that I am a big deal.

Your eyes are not deceiving you. I type 105 words per minute. And just so you know ... it is without my pinkies.

It was brought to my attention several months ago that I do not type with them ... which of course I don't. They are double jointed which results in them moving in a spastic, jerky movement. Hence useless on the keyboard.

Let me show you.

Hmm ... now do not get confused.

This post is not about me being deformed.

This post is about me being talented.

So when you close this page the key thing you are going to remember is that Mindy Marie types 105 words per minute with six fingers and two thumbs. Which will make you think that I could probably type 131 words per minute if my pinkies were not double jointed {105/8 functioning fingers/thumbs = 13 words/minute per finger + two fingers = 131 words/minute ... did you follow me?}.


P.s. It is my wonderful sister-in-law's birthday today. I heart her. A lot. 

Also, shout out to JaredHonda {I say his name like it is one word} today for being absolutely amazing. We had an EQP/RSP bonding moment today. It was super cute. It would have made our bishop shed a tear of joy. I was super grateful.

Peace out, peeps!


*Speaking of shocking ... I had the most shocking moment of my existence last night around 8:09 pm. That's all.


Mike said...

I don't wear mascara, so crying for you won't be a problem. And while you may not be able to perform in a talent show, you are more than qualified to perform in a *Variety* Show! And to paraphrase Jim Halpert, "Shut up! Mavis Beacon doesn't type 105!"

B said...

hey........what was the shocking moment?

Linds said...

I think 105 words per minute is very talented, and certainly more than I can do with all 10 of my fingers. I'm impressed. I also think you should count your math skills as a talent! That was a pretty complex formula and you are pretty much a big deal : )

Meg said...

Talents come in such different forms. People are just confused by "talent shows" where only performable talents ever seem to show up. Maybe the next time there is a talent show you should take your computer and type really fast. :)

Julie M. said...

Sheesh! You're a ninja! I was only 86. Nice work!

Danelle and Alex said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Danelle and Alex said...

I want to see a movie of you typing with out your pinkies now!

Shan said...

This shocking moment thing is driving me bonkers.

Krystal said...

I don't type with my pinkies either... I broke my pinky in high school and got so used to typing with a cast on... and it was weird to use one pinky and not the other, so I didn't use either of them.... and I still don't... but I can still type fast... but not as fast as you!

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