Stirring the pot ...

On Facebook is easy to do.

Really easy to do.

I should know. I somehow, inadvertently {hopefully needlessly to say}, push buttons. Most recently with a comment about how redonculous it is to see 934,89,238,598,430,598,304,958,345.7 posts about "I have the BEST dad EVER" {or something like unto it. And yes, this includes those as equally redonculous statuses throughout the year when hubby does something oh-so-grand for you and you give the clarion declaration of love on Facebook, "I have THE BEST HUSBAND EVER!"}.

Here's the issue: semantics.

I am not debating whether or not your dad/husband/wife/child/mom/whoever is great. I have no reason to believe s/he's not great. But to say s/he is THE best is a bit, well, redonculous. It is redonculous for at least two reasons that I can think of right off the top of my head:

1. There is no system that I am currently aware of that rates the bestness of dads/moms/spouses/children. This is why the sports world is so flippin' fantastic. They have bestness systems worked out pretty dern well {yes, dern}. Naturally, there will be some flaws, but for the extreme most part someone can raise their hands in victory and say, "On this day, I was the best." But then again ... those are competitions. Is being a dad/husband/mom/wife/child/whatever a competition? Which leads into my next point:

2. Do they realize they are putting down every other husband/wife/mom/dad/child when they make those statements? Because if someone is THE BEST, it makes everyone else NOT the best. Weird how that works. And audacious too. P.s. Isn't audacious a fun word? I have personally been meeting a lot of audacious people in the last week, which is great because it's so fun to say.

In honor of stirring the pot on Facebook, which apparently I do so well so frequently, here are THE BEST ;) two ways I have found to do so:

2. Post something, anything political. This is a shoo-in. But still only second best.

The absolute number one way to stir the pot and get some undies in a wad on Facebook is to post ...

1. A status of anything not pro-BYU. I am not even talking anti-BYU, just something that isn't completely and entirely PRO.

Go ahead. Try it. I dare you. I triple dog dare you. Go change your Facebook status to something not pro-BYU or something political and see how you can stir that ol' big pot. It's sometimes fun. :) And 500 gold stars are at stake for you pot-stirer wannabes!

P.s. Here are some examples of classy ways to let your mom/dad/husband/wife/child know they are great but not by using the term, "THE BEST": here, here, here, here and here ... just to share a few.

Buuut, I suppose you don't have to change your FB and blogging habits for me, right? Weird how life doesn't work that way. Besides, to assume you would change for me might be a tad redonculous and even more so audacious, no? ;)

I have also concluded that the people who get stirred by my FB comments {and who knows - maybe by my blog posts too??} don't understand my sense of humor. Because if they did, clearly what I have written would be received flippin' fantastically. ;)


Whitney B. said...

I love you Mindy. I feel famous when I am cited on your blog. I saw on facebook that you were making dinner for your dad how did that turn out? :)

Jen said...

Oh Mindy, some people just don't get sarcasm. I liked your status A LOT (in fact, I should have "liked" it on Facebook) and think you are moderately funny. ;)

PS: President Obama > BYU
(Do you see what I did there?)

Andrea said...

people need to breathe. in. then. out.

Mike said...

Every time I see a "world's best" post on facebook, I want to do this:

Avree said...

Amen. Also, when your husband does something fabulous for you does it really need to be posted on facebook?

Allred Mom said...

I didn't put that I had the best dad. I said, I have a great dad! So....it was only my perception, because to me he is pretty great! And, my husband and my children and grandchildren and my friends, etc., etc., They are all great! Isn't that great? I thought so, too!
btw....here's something dedicated to you:


yes....I knew that you would love that story! lol

Andi said...

ba hahahah. i love it when you stir the pot. makes my day that much more interesting.
xoxoxo :)

Shan said...

Thank you for making me aware of the "best" faux pas. I will definitely be more aware. Please see current facebook status for some pot stirring. UVU is the best school in Utah County! I know it isn't a huge pot stirrer but I can't think of anything political.

Kat said...

I couldn't agree more!!! I like this post, you are so clever. I enjoy your verbage use. :)

Erica said...

I like the word audacious too. I should use it more often. And I completely agree with your point. I've probably been guilty of it before, but no more! I will be a changed woman. :)

Cali said...

PHEW! I'm glad I was cited in the good examples. I was worried there for a sec. Breath. phew.

Melissa said...

You are the best pot stirrer in the whole world.

Meg said...

I just avoid all such personal posts on my blog (I could add facebook, too, but that's too easy since I'm not on facebook). I also generally try to avoid stirring the pot, although it can be entertaining and I do enjoy reading all about it when you stir. :)

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