Seeking employment?

Recently I was informed a great employment opportunity here in Logan.

This just clearly has my name all over it ...

Bear River Health (@BearRiverHealth)
6/27/11 2:17 PM

Looking for a job a few hours a week and are passionate about breastfeeding? Take a look.

"Take a look"? Probably not the best choice of wording for this particular position, no?
But wait, it gets better ...
WIC Peer Counselor



Title: WIC Peer Counselor Grade: 9 Step: 1 Wage: $9.57/hr

Division: WIC-Logan Closing Date: 6/30/2011

Description: Part time (2-4 hrs per week) – Non Benefited

Summary of Duties:

Under the general supervision of the Breastfeeding Coordinator, provides basic breastfeeding information and encouragement to WIC pregnant and breastfeeding mothers; assist WIC clients with breastfeeding concerns, mostly by phone, occasionally in person at the WIC office or other locations. Attend meetings occasionally to update training. Assists the Breastfeeding Coordinator with assigned tasks assigned.

Minimum Qualifications Education & Experience:

Paraprofessional support person.
Must have successfully breastfed at least one child. (Does not have to be currently breastfeeding).
Willing to be trained to assist women with common breastfeeding concerns.
Ability to communicate with clients in person or on the phone.
Organizational skills required. No formal degree is required.
Must be fluent in English. Spanish speaking a plus.
Minimum Qualifications Necessary Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
Is enthusiastic about breastfeeding and wants to help other mothers enjoy a positive experience.
Can work 2 – 4 hours bi-weekly, including some time in WIC clinic
Has a telephone and is willing to make and receive phone calls.

Special Qualifications:

Must possess or be able to obtain a valid Utah Driver License at the time of employment.

Must be able to provide own transportation

Must be able to lift 30 pounds and be able to perform strenuous activities requiring flexibility, stamina, and overall general good health.

Must have a flexible schedule, available for work in the evenings and/or weekends as job requires.

First and foremost, did you catch the part about working directly under the Breastfeeding Coordinator?

Never.in.my.long.legged.life. would I had ever guessed that could actually be someone's job title.

"Oh, you work at Bear River Mental Health? What do you do there?"

"I am the Breastfeeding Coordinator."

But I digress.

My strongest attribute for this position? I do indeed have a telephone!

Biggest draw back? Well, uhm ... not to get major personal with you all, but I have never successfully breastfed a child. 

But I am sooo totally enthusiastic about breastfeeding.

Particularly public breastfeeding.

Particularly the woman who I have witnessed breastfeed all three of her bebes at the Utah State basketball games over the last decade. And yes, this is the same woman whom my family and I lovingly refer to as, "Got Milk?" when we see her in town.

And now would probably be the most opportune time to tell you how extremely classy I think the name of this company is. Because I am positive that every woman loves being referred to as a heifer, right?

 And those are all my thoughts for today ... meaning, I don't have much time to spend on such frivolous things like blogging when I need to be applying for the this job, after all the application is due tomorrow!


Mike said...

I love the fancy model glam shots on that website. What do you think Bear River's reaction would be if I called them and told them I am passionate about breastfeeding?

Katie said...

HAHAHAHA!! Seriously?!

cami said...

9.75/hr?? I would do this for FREE! hahaha

Shan said...

That is so freaking awesome! And I love the company name, what a compliment to women. hahaha.

Meg said...

Usually people in this capacity are called lactation consultants. But, whatever works.

I have to say my views on public breastfeeding have changed since having children. I now understand why women do it.

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