It's thats time of year again ...

when I complain incessantly about how flamin' hot my house is and how it makes me want to just die.
Because I feel totally yucky.

Because we don't have air conditioning.

Because excessive heat is my kryptonite.

Speaking of kryptonite, I might have accidentally told a co-worker that he definitely was not as attractive as Tom Welling.


Which is weird because I didn't feel like I had reached the danger zone of excessive heat, which can clearly be the only explanation of why I would say such a thing.

Obviously I was wrong.

Because why else would I make a comment like that unless my kryptonite was around?

It is the quickest way to make me feel like garbage/die and want to kill people all at one time.

At least it isn't my fault, right?

Oh, and in case you were wondering, there is no way digging yourself out of the "You're not as attractive as Tom Welling" comment, so avoid it at all costs.

P.s. Apparently I can still be a Jazz fan. Phew. That takes a bit of the edge off. For now.


Avree said...

You can come hang out at my air-conditioned house any time you want! Thanks for hanging out at air-conditioned Chili's with me tonight! Sorry Spencer was such a stinker. We went home and I ran him around the block a few times, I think he just had some pent-up energy :)

Mike said...

I just wrote that same Jazz comment on facebook without even reading this! Oh, and if you told me I wasn't as attractive as Tom Welling, it would roll off my back, because I already know that. If he thinks he is, he needs to hear the truth because he clearly has an ego problem.

Toni said...

Lol!!! Love the Tom Welling comment :)

Susan said...

Well, is anyone as good looking as Tom Welling? I think not.

Shan said...

I agree with Susan. Hang in there and enjoy the cool air at work. ;)

Meg said...

After spending two weeks at my parents' house, no ac, I'm excessively grateful for mine. I don't know how I survived growing up in an ac free environment. :)

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