It's June!

And you know what that means ... a blog a day for the entire month!

Contain your excitement!

In addition, through June each comment will be worth 100 points {opposed to the regular 25}!



And if you give me an idea to blog about that I actually use, 100 more gold stars to.you.

Contain your excitement ... and I will see you tomorrow. :)


Allred Mom said...

and I just can't hide it!
Wahoo! Wahoo! It's June and Mindy blogs every day!
Can it get any better than this?

Avree said...

Woohoo! 30 days of Mindy enjoyment! I think you should blog about Jaren.

Mike said...

Blog about the reasons Disneyland is better than getting a finger in the eye.

Allison and Josh said...

Yes! I love June.

Shan said...

Yes! I think you should blog about EFY and why it is not a bad thing as opposed to what all the employees at BYU think.

cami said...

highlight of my day is knowing this will be happening all June to keep me entertained!

Krystal said...

yay for 30 days of blogging.... I'm working on catching up on the comments since I'm a slacker. For one of your posts, I would like to see you try "just dance" on the wii, or the dance central game for xbox 360 KINECT (or whatever it is).... you are welcome to come try it at my house. We have dance parties every week. Tonight is zumba night... maybe you could attend zumba and write a review :)

(and if you don't like those ideas, here are some more: do a cheeseburger review of where the best burger can be found; do a photo shoot in the chick-fil-a play area; post all of the new fabulous pink things you have :) there ya go!)

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