Eclipse ...

Mikey and I attended a lil' concert last night in Sandy, Utah.

It was last minute.

And fun.

Plus a much needed break from the monotony my life becomes all too frequently.

Uhm ... I don't know how to turn on the flash on my phone camera.


So, I know we frequently discuss {or rather I discuss} that I am a big deal ... but today we are going to talk about why Mike is a big deal.

At one point in the show the group began singing "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond. The lead vocalist for the song "couldn't" remember the words to the second verse of the song. He asked for help from the audience.

Mikey yelled at the first couple of words.

The singer said he couldn't hear so he ran down to Mikey in the audience and actually had Mike sing!

Now, for those of you who do not know, Mikey has a superb voice. SUPERB. So he begins to sing. I think the Eclipse singer was a little surprised at Mike's voice. He didn't let too much time pass before saying, "I'm taking this back ..."

And went back on stage.

But he returned ... at the very end to have a grand finish with Mikey.

I tried to get a photo of it. But it would have just been of Mike's and the other dude's rumps. How.inappropriate.

Did I mention that when the spotlight was on Mikey, like literally the spotlight ...
 it was also on me.
 Enough for me to have received text messages from people who noticed me.

I am so legit.

After the concert Mike and I headed to Hire's Big H for a late dinner. Who cares if I had a hamburger and fries for lunch and dinner? Clearly not me. :)

P.s. The white hoodie that I am wearing belongs to my sister. Why I am telling you this? Because I broke into her house and borrowed it last minute without her permission. Ooops?

Oh, and the group we went to see is Eclipse. So, yes, that title does go with this post. And yes, they did sing a Christmas song in June.

And I loved it.

That's all.


Natalie Willmore said...

I love the lady behind Mike in the pictures that is staring your camera down.
Also, who is Mike? Are you dating? I think you should.
I think it's fabulous that he had an awesome voice and knew the words better than the lead vocalist. Glad you had a fun night!

Andi said...

MIssy comes and steals my clothes (without permission :) all the time too. I find it endearing. You look really cute AS USUAL!
Lovin June posts yay!

Shan said...

Sounds like fun!

Meg said...

Eclipsing the Eclipse singer. I love it. :)

Mike said...

Best 10 seconds of my life.

Krystal said...

I love eclipse... I really wanted to go to this concert too... can't remember what I had going on that prevented me from going?? Hmm.... wish I could've been there. I sang with Mike at EFY once and yes, he is an amazing singer for sure!

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