The day I drowned a really, really large ant ...

was today.

I went into the downstairs bathroom to brush my teeth and there he was ... a really, really large ant.

The ironic thing about this was that I had dreamt about really, really large ants that night/morning.

Weird, no? When what you dream actually occurs ... I might even go with creepy. Especially considering the dream was about a really, really large ant.

I can only pray that the other part of the dream doesn't come true. No, it wasn't about anything disturbing {like the snake infested house or my typical Mindy-gets-shot-down-and-is-crawling-on-the-ground-leaving-a-trail-of-blood-behind-her dreams, nor being tracked down by the Nazis}. It was worse.

But I digress.

I really want to still talk about that really, really large ant.

I found it in the sink in the bathroom.

It had no purpose to be there, considering it is my house, my bathroom and my sink.

So I did the only thing I could ... I turned on the water. To drown the little suckah!

I left the water on for about 20 seconds, envisioning the best case scenario {for the really, really large ant}, the water washing the really, really large ant down the pipes so far that he could never return again ... And the worst case scenario {for the really, really large ant}: suffocation, also resulting in never returning again.

Unfortunately, I learned a lesson about really, really large ants today. They are resilient as heck! He somehow managed to find a way to make it back up the pipe and into my sink, in my bathroom, in my house!

So, just to prove to him that humans.trump.insects, I grabbed the really, really large ant with a tissue and dropped him in the porcelain throne. I.then.flushed.it. A true test of his resilience, no? I think it is safe to say to the really, really large ant, "Peace out, Boy Scout." And I did. And it pleased me.

P.s. Today was our Bike with Brent event. Yesterday we received t-shirts to wear to the event. They actually say on it, "I biked with Brent". And as I put it on this morning I felt like a liar, because I had not actually rode with him ... yet. I felt like a liar for approximately three point five hours. And I hate feeling like a liar.  This has nothing to do with the really, really large ant, yet I felt like it needed to be said. And now I shall repeat to you what I said to the really, really large ant, "Peace out, Boy Scouts." :)

Oh, and I was paid one kjillion dollars to put this birthday shout-out on my blog today: Happy Birthday Katie Louise Farr!!


Mike said...

I wish I could have biked with Brent.

Avree said...

I have dreams about Nazis tracking me down all the time! I think it's because of all the Holocaust books they had us read in school. Usually the first one they kill in my family is Jaren, not sure why.

Shan said...

You didn't take a picture?

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