Bike with Brent ...

Brent is a very popular man around these parts. Brent is known for greeting one and all while riding his bike around town. I think it is safe to say that it is difficult impossible to not smile when Brent is around.

Two or so months ago I was walking home from a Relief Society Activity. I was running late to the activity {that I was kinda in charge of} and opted to have my roommate drop me off at the church to get there faster, knowing I could get a ride home with one of the adorable girls in my ward.

The activity was a birthday party for the Relief Society organization {the largest women's organization in the world, holla!}. As part of our activity we played Just Dance {yes, I am that RS President}, as well as ate cupcakes and had balloons for decorations.

As the activity winded down I told all the girlies that they could head out and I would clean up.

After the finishing touches of clean-up, I had a bouquet of balloons in my hand and began to head out the door when I realized I didn't have transportation home. Our church house is only a half-mile or so away from my house, so with balloons in hand ... I began to walk.

About two blocks away from my home I heard a familiar horn honking behind me. Without even looking behind me, I immediately knew it was Brent.

I looked back to see how far away he was, knowing I wanted to say hello when he was close enough. As he caught up with me he honked and waved. I said, "Hi, Brent!"

And he said without missing a beat, "Happy birthday!"

Not having time to explain to him that it wasn't my birthday I simply said, "Thank you!"

That is the kind of guy Brent is. Thoughtful, kind, warm, outgoing, friendly, and well-conditioned for all the biking he does around the valley! ;)

This upcoming Friday {June 17th} Brent is helping the company I work for kick off its 50th Anniversary Celebration with an amazing community event - Bike with Brent.

One and all are invited to attend - including YOU and your mom err ... children. Everyone! :)

Ride your bike, walk, use a wheelchair, to follow Brent around the block by Willow Park. Pre-registration is $10 for an adult, and $7 for a child. You can pre-register at CETC, Al's Sporting Goods, or Joyride Bikes. Day-of registration is $15 for adults and $10 for children. The ride will begin at 10:30 am at 500 W 700 S and we'll go for 1.4 miles around the block. Money generated from this event will be used for programs for people with disabilities. For more information, call us at 435-752-7952.

1,000 gold stars for anyone who comes and 100 more for each person you bring with you! ;)


Mike said...

This sounds so cool. I want to do this.

Meg said...

I hadn't thought about Brent for a long time. I used to see him everywhere when I was walking or biking around Logan. Too bad I'm not closer, I would totally come.

Olivia said...

I love Brent!

Shan said...

So wish I lived in Logan and could come. I need to see Willow Park again.

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