Look at my thumb ...

Gee, you're dumb.

Look at my pinkie.

 Gee, you're stinky.

Look at my birdie.

Gee, you're nerdy.

My brother may or may not have taught me those little rhymes when I was a wee-lass.

So, if you are offended, blame him.

But my point of these writings today is not to offend you.

It's really to discuss my thumb.

Go look at it.

Can you see that hangnail??

It hurts super bad when I push on it.

Some might say, "Well, then don't push on it!"

And I would say, "But I am compelled to! Compelled!"

It's an Autistic tendency I have, to find all the abnormalities and be occupied with them until they return to a normality.

Have I mentioned that I am grumpy?

I don't think the hangnail made me grumpy.

But it certainly didn't help.

Have you noticed I cannot be bothered with paragraphs lately?

One-line sentences are pleasing to me.

But not pleasing enough to make me entirely un-grumpy.

Wanna know what can really melt away my grumpiness?

When I look at this photo.

And am reminded of who gave these little flowers to me - one of my clients - and the excitement he had in giving them to me.

One day, when this life has come and passed, I believe that I will be blessed to have many conversations with this client {as well as all my others}. And among the things we will discuss will be my unbounded gratitude for his love and kindness, not just on this day, but every day ... my unbounded gratitude to know that he cared for me, even on my grumpy days.


This post was not supposed to ungrumpify me.

But how could those flowers from such a sweetheart not ungrumpify anyone?

So even though this post was supposed to be about my horrific hangnail and my grumpiness ... It's not. It's about those flowers and the sweetheart who gave them to me ... and a wish that you too have someone in your life that can melt away all grumpifcation.

P.S. My roommate is talking about a fly flying up her nose, taking an 80 degree turn and somehow ending up in her zygomatic process of the temporal bone.


Abnormality, you bet.

Focus on the flowers ... Focus on the flowers ... Focus on the flowers.


Shan said...

Sounds like a very sweet client and a wonderful way to become ungrumpy. :)

Meg said...

I like your ring. :)

Allred Mom said...

Yes....I, too, can't stand to leave something that hurts alone! Working with autistic clients can do that. It brings the best out of us! :)

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