Leaps and bounds of excitement ...

It has always been a wonder to me that I have a blog.

It is even been more of a wonder that I have a blog that some people actually read.

But the is beside the point.

It's a wonder I have a blog because, I am going to state the obvious ... I don't have a husband, kids ... not even a dog.

And then add in how vague I am with the details of my life ...

It truly is a wonder that I have a blog at all.

I haven't written in about a week.

Probably because of foremention items {no husband, kids, dog and my complete inability to not be vague}.

There just hasn't been a lot going on.

Unless you want to talk about the floods here in my hometown.

Oh, what is that? You totally want me to talk about the flooding?


See the river?

Remember how it is actually the street?
The river banks gave way and turned streets into rivers as well as ...

turned fields into lakes/ponds.

There was actually someone rafting in this field.
For those of you who weren't completely riveted by the flood talk, your other option of excitement in my past week is to talk about these:

Yup. My new tires.

THAT is how exciting my life has been - it sums it up just about perfectly.

And yes, you all did just waste three minutes of your life reading about floods and looking at a picture of one of my four new tires. And that is three minutes you can never get back. How do ya feel about that? Because, somehow I personally find satisfaction in it. ;)

Well, I am off to my riveting and mind-boggling fun life.

Peace out, boy scout.


Avree said...

I can't think of a good comment.

Olivia said...

Holy flooding! Tires are ALWAYS exciting if you ask me :)

Mike said...

Good call. I'm going to blog about our flooded property up Blacksmith Fork Canyon.

Kat said...

Those are some crazy pictures!! Did you take those? I'd be pretty happy if it stopped raining, although warm weather isn't too good for the floods either. Meh.

Shan said...

I like your blog. :)

Meg said...

Maybe I should have taken pictures of the water in my basement a couple of weeks ago. Then again, maybe I'll get another chance since it's still raining and the snow hasn't melted yet. At least the flooding here hasn't filled any streets or fields, just basements. :)

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