Every time something bad is going to happen to my car, I know it.

I know it because I get this unexplicable rush of gratitude for being able to have a car.

I realize it might sound ridiculous to have such gratitude for a piece of metal, but it's true nonetheless.

The first time I felt extreme rush of gratitude {don't get me wrong, I am always grateful to be able to have a car, but I am talking about a flood of gratitude - an overwhelming flood of gratitude!} was May 6, 2006 ... the day of my college graduation {that I didn't attend, but that is beside the point}.

It also happened to be the day that I wrecked Eddie.


Two days ago I felt the unbounded gratitude and immediately thought, "Please! Please, no!"

And yesterday ... it happened.

Wilson decided it was fun to have reverse mean reverse as well as have park mean reverse.

What should have been an 80 dollah charge to tighten a screw ended up turning into an estimate of $2300.

One word: ouch.

I am beginning to really, really stronly dislike this gratitude for my cars thing.

It just isn't working out to my benefit.

But truth be told ... I am still grateful.

I am grateful because my parents' have an extra car that I have been able to use. Okay, who I am kidding? It's a truck. I can hardly park it and it doesn't have a scan button. ;) But it is so wonderful to have one less concern what the unexpected happens.

I am grateful also that Wilson wanted to go into reverse while in park ... because it allowed for me to find out that everytime I was getting into my car I was practically going on a suicide mission. How wonderful to find that out before something horrible happened.

And lastly, while I am uber-bugged to have to fork out moola that could be nicely sitting in my bank account, buying me 765 pairs of cute new shoes, or taking me on a fabulous vacay somewhere - I realized I am just grateful that I had the money to help Wilson in the first place. So even though I didn't not - DID NOT - want to spend money on this, I am just grateful I had the money to spend on it.

Oh, I lied.

America's Next Top Model is on in the background and I also must express my gratitude that I have never eaten a goat's head, brains or eyeballs.  I am dry heaving now just thinking about it.

And with that, I shall peace out. And change the station.

P.s. Look at my torso.


Avree said...

So sorry about Wilson :( You could buy the car Matt drives to and from work for just $200 more than you spent fixing yours. I hope Wilson stays well!

Mike said...

I'm not seeing the connection between America's Next Top Model and eating a goat's head, brains, or eyeballs. Is this something all models do that I don't know about?

Allred Mom said...

btw...cute outfit in the torso pic!
And....I'm sorry about Wilson, too!
What a bummer of an unexpected bill!
But, you could've smashed into something while trying to park. That could've been really bad....for me, since I back into my garage to park.....that could be continually going into my house! Oooooo...so...hope Wilson is back to following the commands of the gear shift soon!

Kat said...

I hate spending money on things I need instead of want. I know that sounds lame but I'm right there with ya! Plus, car expenses are the absolute worst! The problems and maintenance seem to never end.

Shan said...

Aren't cars fun? I once had a car that wouldn't go in reverse at all. :)

Meg said...

The other day when I tried to comment here, Blogger wouldn't let me. Now that it is allowing me to comment, I've entirely forgotten what I was going to say. I am glad that you didn't have a serious accident with your car troubles.

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