Yesterday ..

I saw a deer.

And I almost cried.

I read a tender tribute to a woman I know who passed away a year ago.

And I almost cried.

I remembered an experience that happened yesterday's yesterday where a client was concerned about losing a family member and in her deep heartache asked me, "Is it okay to cry?"

With tears of my own welling up I told her, "Yes, D. It's okay to cry."

As I thought about it again yesterday ...

I almost cried.

I went to my acupressurist {not acupuncturist}. While talking about my job, she told me of a young mother who comes in to see her who has an eight-month old with Down Syndrome. She said that there was a special connection with the mother and the babe. She asked her why that was so. The mother said, "My brother also has Down Syndrome. And he is my best friend."

I thought of how tender her heart must be to blessed with such experiences in this life.

And I almost cried.

I think I realized that I don't even realize how blessed I am to have the experiences I have with my clients {who are truly more like as Anne of Green Gables would say, "kindred spirits" - friends that I feel like I have known a lot longer than my 29 years on this earth}. And the distinct thought came to my mind, "Mindy, one day you will realize how truly blessed you have been to associate with these people."

And I almost cried.

I saw an adorable old man eating dinner alone, looking out the window - appearing to be longing for something which he did not have.

And I almost cried.

I watched the Biggest Loser and saw how Moses and Rulon did not meet the weight requirement for the bungee-jump {like the one I did in Vegas}.

And I almost cried.

I listened to Moses talk about how tender of an experience it was for him to be in New Zealand, where his father was from.

And I almost cried.

At the end of the show I watched Moses retun to New Zealand with his father to bungee-jump {because he had lost enough weight to do so}.

And I almost cried.

I then watched Midway to Heaven with my roommates {simply because it had crasy Michelle Money from the Bachelor in it}.

And I laughed.

A lot.

Moral of the story is this: Midway to Heaven is a horribly funny film to watch. And I don't know if I recommend it because you have to be in a very "special" {read as: quirky} mood to get anything out of it besides a feeling of you have just wasted one hour and 20 minutes of your life that you can never get back ... kinda like most movies on Lifetime, no? :)

Clarification: that is NOT me in the dumpster in the photo in the previous post. I forgot to photo credit it. I Googled, "person in a dumpster" and that came up.

And, if you are lucky, the Gold Star Winner of 2010-2011 will be announced TOMORROW.

Dun, dun, dun! Now I need to go to bed. I have slept about three or four hours for the last three nights and I think I am going to pass out. In a death-like state. And, with that, I am out.



Lisa said...

Oh I cry all the time...I didn't used to...but I think it floods my soul of all the heartache. Almost always I feel better! So go ahead and cry...that's what I say!

Shan said...

Sad, I was so close to winning but so far away!

McCall and Eric said...

Man, reading this post almost made me cry! P.s.- I cry watching Biggest Loser every week and Eric always makes fun of me.

Meg said...

I did cry yesterday. Out of sheer frustration. It didn't help. :)

whit939watts said...

i'm happy to hear i'm not the only one who cries during the biggest loser. this week's was pretty good.
it really is ok to cry.

Mike said...

When I got out of the temple I checked the score of the Yankee game, and saw New York won in extra innings. I almost cried. PS, I have kind of wanted to see the movie, but only because I think the daughter is very easy on the eyes.

Lissa Chandler said...

I have days like this, too! Only I think I would have cried if I watched Midway to Heaven, but probably from laughter. The trailer killed me.

Jamie and Brad said...

Last night at midnight I went to Walmart and picked up my very own Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 movie. I took it home and placed it on the shelf with the 6 previous movies and almost cried.

Allred Mom said...

Crying is good for the soul.....Almost crying means that at some point, there will be a good cry! :)

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