Unrealistic Optimism ...

I once heard a quote that there was no such thing as false hope.

And I liked that.

Because if I want to hope that I will one day marry John Krasinski, so be it. I just might. And then you will be jealous.

But that is beside the point.

The point is unrealistic optimism.

What is unrealistic optimism?

Unrealistic optimism is when friend thinks he can do this to me.

Okay, so that photo might not give the most clear idea. 

Said friend thinks he could throw me into a dumpster, if he wanted to

Clearly he has not been informed that my muscles have muscles. Oh, wait. I did inform him. And he still thinks he can get me into a dumpster against my will {without knocking me out anyway}. 

Is he crasy? He must be crasy. He must not believe in my brute strength or tenacity. 

He asked another friend if he thought he could get me into a dumpster. "Can I knock her out?" he first asked. 

When informed he couldn't he said, "Well, then ... I would have to wait until she fell asleep." 

Second friend clearly must not know about my sleeping habits. Oh, wait. I did inform him. And unlike first friend, he no longer thought he could get me into a dumpster against my will {not without knocking me out anyway}. 

Third friend was posed the same question. 

He is a brilliant man

He chuckled and said, "I don't think ANYONE is getting Mindy in a dumpster against her will." 

As you can see, my friend and I, we discuss very important things. 

About throwing each other in dumpsters. 

And knocking each other out. 

And my muscles. 

And it is fantastic. 

That's all, because now I have to go watch The Biggest Loser.


Allred Mom said...

what interesting conversations you have with your coworkers! I think you need to try to get them in the dumpster....if you put money in there, they just might go dumpster diving! Or, even a gift card to In 'N Out!...Of course they'd go for that! I think you need to write a post about what someone may go into the dirty dumpster for! It could get lots of comments....and since I suggested it, couldnt' I get gold stars for each post???? btw...are you enjoying those oreos??? :)

Mike said...

If you do marry John Krasinski you have to introduce me. And arrange an introduction to Jenna Fischer.

jill said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shan said...

Oh man, you are brave for even hanging over one.

Avree said...

Who wants to throw you in a dumpster? I will throw him in a dumpster.

Jamie and Brad said...

your muscles have muscles? that is super cool!

DeeAura said...

Teeeheeeheee, you are funny and you make me LAUGH. :)

Meg said...

Just for the record, I would never attempt to throw you in the dumpster. Or to knock you out. :)

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