Reconciliation ...

is simply not in the cards for deer and I.

Bestie Roommate Jillian Jiggs took on one of the most daunting tasks in the world universe ... As she thought she would try and mediate the brutal relationship between deer and myself ... by giving me adorable deer dinnerware.

Super cute, no?

I figured if anything was going to mend the relationship, this just might be the key, after all, I am a sucker for things adorable.

And to show my willingness to work out our problems, for the cup's inaugural use, I actually filled it with my fave: chocolate milk. Mmm! :)

I mixed up the perfect combination of 1% milk and NesQuik {after drinking three to five glasses a day, I am a pro!}. I placed the adorable cup on the table and then walked back into the kitchen for a moment.

Imagine my surprise when I turned back to see this:
Uh ...?

Seriously? I provide you a home! I give you delicious chocolate milk! And this is how you show your appreciation?

How dare you reject the olive branch I have extended?


I am over it.

I am over you!

I will continue to roll down Wilson's window when I see you on the street and yell at you filthy beasts!

I will continue to practice ending your lives by playing this game!

And in case you didn't know: I.am.the.human. Which not only means I am the one with opposable thumbs, but also as Hollywood has taught us: THE. HUMAN.ALWAYS.WINS! {Welllllll, except with Beast and Gaston ... but Beast was really a human and Gaston was the beast. Irony at it's finest, kids.}

And when people ask why such strong feelings, with a smirk on my face I will simply say, "Irreconcilable difference."

How do you like them apples, filthy beasts?



Katie said...

Jillian is the BEST! They are indeed adorable. I completely forgot about that game from when you posted it last time. Great. Now I am addicted again. Love it!

Mike said...

The human doesn't always win. Moby Dick, for example.

Susan said...

I've probably commented to this effect before, but I am totally with you on the not liking deer thing. They really just give me the CREEPS. Good for you for trying to reconcile!

Meg said...

Very adorable dinnerware.

Now that it has turned on you, are you just going to hide it away in the corner of the cabinet? Let it feel the wrath you have against deer? Practice ending deer lives on the dinnerware?

Allred Mom said...

Maybe, it is safer if you just watch Bambi! Obviously deer dinnerware isn't the way to fix this relationship! You could use your plate as a frisbee!

btw...word verification: "Couti"!

I guess deer have "couti's" too!

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