"Ouuuuuuch," says ET.

And so do I.

Wanna know why?

Can you see it?

How about a better view?

This little bugger not only hurts, it itches. And cracks when I move my arm.


Life goes on, no?

My legs looked like this once. But with multiple long scratches down them. It's because I accidentally shaved them with a loser-razor. I thought I was going to bleed to death. No lie.

And when people asked what had happened, I told them I fell off a fence ... which, isn't too far of a stretch.  Hear me out.

At our Cliffside home we had a fence. And a trampoline. And sometimes I would climb the fence, stand on it and then jump on the trampoline. Which was only 34% as fun as going into my parents bedroom, climbing out their window onto the roof of the wrap-around porch, and jumping off the roof onto the trampoline {mom didn't like that much, surprise, surprise}.

But back to the fence ...

One time I climbed up the fence, misplaced my foot and kinda slid down and had long scratches up my leg.

So, my story about the causation {no, not a word, but fun to say nonethless} of the long scratches from the razor, wasn't too far fetched, okay?

P.S. The wounds on my arm did not come from a razor, let's just clear that up right now. They didn't come from a fence either.

They came from some finger nails.

Not mine.

Someone else's.

Who had their angry eyebrows on when they did it.

Which probably went with out saying.

If ET were here he would heal it.

But he's not.

So I just have to wait.

And until that day, answer the one point kjillion questions about it.

Which will involve telling people it did not come from a razor or a fence.

And now I must prepare myself to say goodbye to Michael Gary Scott. Tears might be shed. That's all.


Mike said...

I'm going to miss Michael. But I'm sure he'll be back to visit one day...

Meg said...

Those had to be some wicked fingernails. I said Ouch when I saw your picture.

If you want to avoid all the questions, you could just wear long sleeves until it heals. :)

Kat said...

as a tribute to michael:

"I love inside jokes. I'd love to be a part of one someday."

Allred Mom said...

Never a dull moment in the "Life of Mindy". I think you can tell people you were picking blackberries! You can look like that afterwards! (Of course you can just go pick some from the store! :)

Shan said...

Wow, that's crazy and looks like it probably hurt. It was kind of a sad episode wasn't it?

Erica said...

Fingernails?!! Yikes! Were you being attacked or something? Hope you had some mace. But I did like hearing about the fence, and the razors.

Oh, and I'm glad you didn't try to shave your arm. That would have been, um, well...

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