Jims ...

I am pretty much in love with Toms.

I am not sure why.

Maybe because they make sparkly shoes.

Maybe because they make pink sparkly shoes.

But we are not talking about Toms today.

We are talking about Jims.

And to talk about Jims we have to talk about the new "shoe policy" at work.

Oh, the new shoe policy at work! It looks a little somethin' somethin' like this: NO SANDALS.

If you know anything about me {besides that I run and love pink} you probably know this ... FACT: I want to be married and buried in flip-flops.

There has always been a no flip-flop policy, but this no sandals at all business is new.

And had me in the depths of despair.

Until I came across Jims.

Which are these babies.

They look like non-sparkly, non-pink Toms {which is fine by me because sometimes I don't want my shoes to be the most predominant thing I have on my body} and are the most comfortable things in the world.

Since they looked like Toms, but weren't, I decided to call them Jims {no real correlation to Jim Halpert ... well, maybe there is}.

I thought I was being clever ... and perhaps even witty.

Yes, I do think things like that about myself. I also think I am stubborn, feisty, tenacious, and easily entertained.

But that is beside the point.

The point is I thought I was being clever and witty.

Until literally seven days after I decided to call my Toms-knock offs Jims, I went into Shoe Carnival {which is sooo not amusing enough to be referred to as a CARNIVAL} and saw shoes that looked a lot like my Jims, which means they looked a lot like Toms.

But they were called ... Bobs.


Something is telling me that the creator of Bobs beat me to the punch of calling my Jims Jims.

And then that made me feel less creative and less witty ... and like I was beating to the beat of everyone else's drum instead of my own.

Which I don't like.

I remember a time in my history class with Bruce R. Crane {I don't think his middle initial really starts with R., but that is what I referred to him as} where he showed us Dead Poet's Society.

In the movie there is a scene where the teacher {whose name escapes me, but is played by Mr. Robin Williams. R. Williams, if you will} asks the student to march to the sound of a drum.

As all the students march away, a boy named Charlie doesn't march at all. He just stands there with a smirk on his face. Which, of course he did. Charlie was a little ... rebellious.

After the movie Bruce R. Crane asked us who was most like us in the film. When he asked me I said, "Charlie."

Bruce R. Crane was surprised to say the least. I think he had taken me for a goody-two-shoes. Which I am, but I am a feisty, stubborn and tenacious goody-two-shoes.

"How could you be Charlie?" he baffled.

"Because I don't like to do what everyone else is doing just for the sake of everyone else doing it."

{Perfect examples: I don't read or watch Harry Potter or Twilight. In Twilight all I know there is a vampire, werewolf and a girl from Forks, Washington. And she "detested Forks."}

Now, look. There you got me going off on a tangent.

Back to Toms, Jims, and Bobs.

By naming my knock-off Toms Jims and then realizing there were Bobs I felt in that single moment that I might as well had jumped on the Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings/Twilight bandwagon! I felt like I had began marching with all the other students on Dead Poet's Society! Which is a travesty, people!

... And I felt sad.

And I didn't feel clever or witty at all.

I felt typical.

And I frowned.

But then I looked at my Jims and realized how comfortable they were. And then I turned that frown upside down.

Because how can you frown when you have comfortable shoes?
Well, maybe if your shoes were comfortable but your arm had just fallen off or some other unforeseeable travesty as such you could frown in comfortable shoes.

P.s. Did you know that my Jims {which can be bought at Payless} and the real legit Toms provide shoes to underprivileged children with each purchase YOU make. Which is super cool. So maybe we all should go buy some Jims and Toms and forget about Bobs all together. Which, personally, I am more than willing to do so because then I can go back to being clever ... and witty.

And all I ask after giving you such an educational post {which, I realize you may be doubting, but it was ... go with me on this one} today is let me know if you get the pink sparkly ones. ;)


Mike said...

For the record, I don't read the Harry Potter books for the sake of everyone else doing it. I read them because they're awesome.

Shan said...

I don't know how you come up with such clever posts and thoughts but all I have to say is that you rock!

DeeAura said...

You KILL me. :) I have been wanting Toms for far too long. Maybe Jims are my answer. Also, I love Jim Halpert. The end.

Niki said...

Also- don't buy bobs because they are icky! Toms are waaaayyyy better. I have 3 pairs of toms and only one bobs and I hate them... Toms til the end!!! Although, the jims are adorable!

Kat said...

I want some toms but they are so expensive! Are the jims cheaper? I might just go get some!

Allred Mom said...

I think we can now say that you've been "Jim"mered!

Who knew that it would come in shoes!

Olivia said...

Ah. Mr. Crane. I think the R fits him nicely.

Erica said...

You'll just be consigned all your life to a no-flip flop policy. ;)

PS. I think you are very clever with the JIMS.

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